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Simple illusion necklace - please help!

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  • Simple illusion necklace - please help!

    Hi everyone

    I'm getting married in May and am desperate for a really simple illusion necklace. I want a single strand with a solitaire clear/diamond stone - the famous 'floating diamond' look. Have looked at endless websites which have all very intricate multi beaded necklaces.

    Now thinking about making my own and would welcome any tips as completely new to all this. If anyone knows where I can buy a 'ready made one' or a 'made to order' i'd be really grateful. Failing that any tips on making my own would be great.



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    Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm sure you have come to the right place for help with your question, there are lots of lovely jewellery people in here. I'm sure one will be along soon with a solution for you.
    Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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      Welcome to the forum, you will be inundated with girls that will be able to help.
      I came..I saw..I shopped


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        Hi Laura & to the forum,
        Good Luck for the big day in may,
        and dont dismay,
        our lovely jewellery makers will soon come your way!


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          Hi Laura

          Sorry I can't help as I only do children's jewellery, now if it was flower girl jewellery you were after I'm your gal!

          Seriously, i'm sure you will get an answer soon!


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            Last year I did a similar necklace for a bride - it had a sparkling swarovski bead (with a couple of teeny ones either side) in the centre of illusion wire. I'm due some piccys from her soon (wedding was in December), so mail me (either through this site or my website) if you'd like to discuss it further .

            P.S. Congratulations!!!!
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              I make quite a lot of illusion jewellery, have a look at my site of you want to get an idea.

              If you are making it yourself you will need illusion wire/cord, crimps, and crimping pliers to get a professional look., also a clasp of some kind.
              (and your choice of pearls/beads).
              Its easy to do, just attach your clasp to one end, then crimp a crimp bead onto the wire, then a bead, then another crimp bead to hold it on place on the wire, then a crimp etc etc, the when you get to your desired length, finish with your clasp end.

              Simple ones can look just as effective as multistranded intricate ones!
              Hope this helps


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                Sorry - just realised you are very new to this and probably dont have the slightest idea where to get the stuff you need!

                I use Griffin illusion wire, the thicker one, you can get it on ebay for about £2 for a 50m roll.
                I use 2mm crimp beads (not tubes), Beadalon silver plated kind.
                My crimp pliers are Beadsmith standard crimping pliers about £9 from ebay.
                Clasps are easy to get everywhere, I usually use silver plated bolt clasps (ebay or any jewellery place) but if you want to use sterling silver you can.
                Then your choice of stones/pearls/beads. Swarovski crystals are lovely for your big day, I have never used them but you can get them from some of the peeps on here or source them yourself.

                If you need any more help, just email me or post in the forum.


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                  Agree with above posts, would be very easy to make yourself.

                  You could go to your local bead shop and tell them what you are after and they will be able to either sell you the right equipment or point you in the right direction.

                  Where are you based? Someone on here should know where your local is!


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                    Please pm me I can make one for you at very reasonable price

                    Janice Phoenixjewellery from