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Finishing Beading Wire & Illusion Wire Q

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  • Finishing Beading Wire & Illusion Wire Q

    Hi guys,

    I'd appreciate some help, I'm reasonably new to jewellery making and I'm having some problems with the finishing of beading wire. I've made a couple of bracelets and I've doubled up the thread and finished using a crimp end (one of those with a loop already on the end and you crimp down on the post bit) however they seem to break, what am I doing wrong?

    Also I want to make a pearl illusion necklace but the illusion thread I ordered came wrapped around a bit of cardboard and it's got kinks in - how can I get them out?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I'd send that illusion cord back, it should never have been wrapped around cardboard as you can't get the kinks out once they have been made! How crazy that they did this!
    As for finishing off necklaces using wire (beadalon, tigertail etc) I use flat crimps that are usually used on leather thongs. I put a crimp bead on the end of the wire to give the flat crimp more to hold onto and make sure they are flattened as much as possible to make sure they are secure. This is the most secure way I have found.
    Hope this helps!
    Helen xxx
    Helen xxx


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      Just put your illusion thread in some really hot water just off the boil) and it will straighten out. I agree it shouldn't have been supplied like that though - it comes on reels.

      As for your crimp problem, good quality findings really shouldn't break. Can you show us a picture?


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        I haven't got a picture on me, it's not really the finding that breaks it the thread going into the crimp that snaps - could just be that my mums very heavy handed!!

        Thanks for the tip on the illusion thread - much appreciated.


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          oooh I didn't know that about the boiling water thing! Thats really good to know!
          Helen xxx


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            If your thread is breaking when you crimp then you could be using the wrong thread - what are you using. Or as you say, you're squeezing it too hard.

            Also, as George says, you do get what you pay for with findings and you can't beat good quality. I only use sterling silver crimps even when all the other findings are plated.

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              I prefer to iron out any kinks using the steam from the kettle!!! This often does the trick. Just pull the thread over the spout as it boils. Quick and easy. Just be careful not to burn your fingers!
              I too had probs with calotte crimps! I personally try not to use them as there are stronger ways to secure a necklace.
              For illusion necklaces have you tried using the coil cord ends?? You can glue or melt the ends together and simply fold over end of coil! Stays put nicely.
              For any other thread necklace i personally prefer to wrap the thread around the clasp itself and finish with a bead cover to hide knot. Works for me