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Ah! So confused!!

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  • Ah! So confused!!

    I am starting out in jewellery making - initially as a hobby. I have loads of beads of all sorts of shapes and sizes, but am looking on the web for findings, wire, chain etc to make necklaces, bracelets etc.

    There is so much stuff out there that my mind is boggling how do I know what ends and crimps go with what wires and threads and thickness' and so on...

    Does anyone have a starter list that they would recommended me get, to at least get me off the ground? A shopping list if you like?

    I know this is a big ask, but just don't know where to start!!

    Thanking you in advance

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    Getting yourself a good beading book is always a help when your just starting. Its something you can always revert back to if your unsure. I found this one good when i was beginning.
    It has a section describing commonly used findings and threads and which to use for what project. I found it very useful at the start of my jewellery making career....its very basic but is a good way to start.
    Alternatively i'm always here if you have any questions just mail me And ill help in any way i can


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      Indeed, where to start? A book will be a good guide. We sell a great little pink book, The Basics of Bea stringing, with basics techniques, etc. We also have our own kits which contain items such as stringing wire, illusion cord, crimps and calottes, memory wire, so you can get to try a few things.

      Tigertail (unbranded name of bead stringing wire) would be the most common thread to start making necklaces for instance, you can either finish with a crimp or a calotte (two different techniques).
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        I started with a kit given to me by a friend who sells them , how about getting a couple of jewellery making magazines , they have the basics in the back and getting a findings kit ...there are alot on auction shopping sites with prices around £2.99.
        Once you start the findings become less scary and you will soon have box after box full of them
        good luck and let us know how it goes
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          Getting a couple of books is always a good start and you can learn some basic techniques there that will see you through lots of different designs.

          I've been making jewellery for a few years now, and some of my learning was trial and error. I definitely think this website is a gem, as I've picked up so many tips!

          I also found that US site Fire Mountain Gems was useful as it has some free patterns on there - even if you don't want to make a particular design, you can see what types of findings they used to finish a piece or to give a certain look:

          hope that helps


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            Thanks so much for your advice everyone

            I've ordered a kit from your site Bea, and Thanks for the PM Becky, will check them out too!

            I've got the Jewellery making for dummies book, but don't like it, so will have a look at the recommended ones and go from there!

            Once I've had a go, will post on what I have done



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              pinkanddizzy has a starter information pack and kit there a bargin. you will find the site on line its brill lots of new stuff as from monday so im told