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Earring studs & scroll backs - problems!!!!

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  • Earring studs & scroll backs - problems!!!!

    Hi everyone.
    I usually use the 'fish hook' type earwire, just because I find it easier to use and I think it looks nicer, just my personal opinion. But I do use the 'post' type with the butterfly or scroll backs, and just about every time I use them I have a problem with the backs not going on right - it seems if you don't get it on right the 1st time, then it wont fit and somehow becomes too loose and falls off when you try to put it back on. It then cannot be used.
    What am I doing wrong? Is there a particular way that the scroll back should be fitted so this doesn't happen?
    I'm going through so many of these as they seem to be too loose and come off far too easily if they don't fit first time.The ones I am using are just silver plated ones from an ebay jewellery findings place.

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    You can get clear rubber earring backs that are perfect for studs. They come in two sizes about 7mm and 12mm across. I can't remember where I bought mine - it may have been from



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      Don't throw away those "loose" scroll backs, you should be able to
      tighten them back up using fine tipped round nose pliers.
      With the scroll off the earring, place the plier tips into the two
      round areas on the scroll & gently pinch them together.
      It should re tighten the scroll back so you can have another go at placing them on the pin. You can gently loosen them that way too, my customers are always bringing in little "odd jobs" for me to do and this is a popular one....much goodwill gained + they get to browse while I get a good
      fit for them (so I don't mind at all when the "Argos" style shops of this world send out earrings with dodgy fittings,lol)

      Nic x
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