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best microflame torch?

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  • best microflame torch?

    Hi Guys and girls. This is my first post so bear with me

    I've heard that hydrogen gas torch is the best for soldering intricate gold and platinum.

    Has anyone had any experience with this kind of equipment? Know any good cheap ones for sale? What are the best brands?


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    The best one is the original microweld but it is the most expensive! We have 3 different machines at work and this is the one which breaks down the least.
    I bought a jewel-flame from Spe******t Jewellery Services who also supply reconditioned machines. At first, I bought a reconditioned micro-weld from him but I was disappointed by the poor condition it was in so I returned it for a jewel flame which he makes himself.
    I guess you could keep on the lookout for anyone selling up and see if you can pick one up cheaper but you would need to make sure that it was still in good working order.


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      I got a Kline weld machine (looks like a microflame copy) off ebay for £50 to which I had to add a torch about £80. the only thing i've done to it is to drain the fluid and refill it and change a few tubes.

      Seems to work ok, looking to find a new gasket for the gas cell, but hav'nt found a supply for one yet.

      As side note Cousins seem to be the only ones who will ship 5ltr's of MEK.


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        Originally posted by WitchfordSilverDesigns View Post

        As side note Cousins seem to be the only ones who will ship 5ltr's of MEK.
        At work we use a company which used to be called something like Scientific Chemicals, they've changed their name now. This type of company should exist throughout the UK though.


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          to the forum.
          God helps them that help themselves.


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            I have a home made HHO torch which I spent nearly a year looking into the designs and safety aspects, it works a treat but I only use it in my ouside workshop as although I have researched it alot and have made a safety pot and flashback arrester I did see a nasty video of what can go wrong, the only "chemicals" it uses are distilled water and baking soda but if it does blow that's half a gallon of water I'd rather not have across my floor indoors