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  • Storing jewellery

    hi all, i wondered how you all stored your jewellery.

    at the mo i have them in plastic wallets and kept in a draw but wondered how you all stored yours so they are easy to find etc.

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    I store my beads in these

    When I have finished my jewellery, I tie a tag on it with the price written on and a number, then I record this number and write the description next to it. Then when I have sold the jewellery i cross it off my list, it gives me an idea of what stock I have.

    I put my jewellery in resealable bags and put these into a box. If the jewellery is delicate, I put a piece of card and some tissue into the bag to keep it safe.
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      I also use plastic releasable bags to store my jewellery in and this goes into these wooden drawer units you get at Ikea. All seperated into the categories I have on my website so they are easy to find. Very tidy and my jewellery don't tarnish.

      When I go to a craft fair, I take that that same unit as it is with all the jewellery already in, and I use it on my display with a cloth over it to raise some of my 'show stopper' pieces. Also really easy to then take jewellery out and store them again afterwards. Works a treat for me.


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        Ooh I've got them, I painted them purple with butterflies, they're really good for the price. Hope you're good at DIY though!
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          All mine are tagged as soon as they are finished with a price and short description then they go into grip seal bags then either into my craft fair boxes ( which are just large lidded boxes ) or into my plastic stackable drawers if they are for etsy or misi.
          I like to keep craft fair and internet items seperate so I don't get confused
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            Everything is labelled then put into a gripseal bag to stop tarnishing. Delicate things are wrapped in tissue paper first to protect them. I then keep all the spare stuff in a big plastic tub.

            I suppose its easier for me as my stuff is constantly displayed on the stall so I don't have to worry about unpacking/packing it all every time there's an event to attend like you lot that do the fairs.

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              Yep, same here.Once they are done wrap them in something(Usually loo paper)then put them in grip seal bags and add a piece of paper with price and name/description on it.I have many that arnt labeled so I have to unwrap things and see what they are.

              They then go into plastic draws until someone buys them.I still have alot in the draws, sob sob, and I will be on a making splurge soon so i will be adding even more.


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