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    I've picked up the basics of metalwork, but would like to try some resin pieces - does anybody know a good supplier?

    Thanks x

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    i always get mine from tiranti or mouldlife.
    with mouldlife you have to ring up to order and they dont have prices on their site but they are extremely helpful!! i just tell them what i want to make and they tell me what i need. and with tiranti, you order off the site then they ring you up to get your card details..though this may have changed since i last used them.



    good luck!


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      They sell it at the pound shop! Im not sure how good it is compared to the brands found at hardware stores, i always think you get what you pay for? (1/2 marathons for World Society for the Protection of Animals) Vegan cookery


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        oops EPOXY resin! now i feel stupid. i totally wasn't paying attention. yeah you can just get that anywhere, homebase, car shops and yup pound stores! haha.


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          I did a course at West Dean College earlier this year with Kathie Murphy on resin jewellery. I had a fab time and came home with a gorgeous ring that I'd made. I came home full of enthusiasm and bought all the stuff I needed to make moulds and cast resin. Unfortunately things then got really busy with my silver jewellery and I didn't have time to use it. I've now decided that I'll stick with silver as resin jewellery takes much longer to make than you'd think. You'd need to be able to charge lots to cover the time taken. The other thing that's put me off is the horrible smell. You really wouldn't want to use resin in your house and you have to use a mask as it's quite toxic.
          Best wishes


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            Oh, thats interesting, as I live in a small flat.

            My jewellery isn't to sell, so I don't need to worry about time, though - I'm only a beginner!

            I have an idea that uses paper cast within a transparent material - I'm presuming epoxy resin would be the best choice?


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              There is a casting resin that doesn't smell too much, I think, but I can't remember what it's called. Once it's been cast, resin jewellery needs a lot of finishing by rubbing down with wet and dry and then polishing with a polishing mop or similar. It's not as easy as it looks.
              Best wishes



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                probably a totally dunce-y question, but I've been tumbling a lot of my silver work, to take some of the labour out of polishing - before texturing if necessary. Can resin be tumbled, separately from metal?


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                  I don't think it can be tumbled as it would get very pitted. If that's the look you're going for, it may be OK. The reason you have to rub it down so much is that the top surface is tacky and you have to remove that layer. Before I went on the course I thought you just pour it into a mould, let it set and voila!
                  It's really not that easy though. Making the rubber moulds is quite an art in itself. You have to make the original out of clay or wood or something. Then you make walls around it and a base for holding the silicon rubber in. Having been on the course, I don't think I'd attempt it without help from an expert.
                  Best wishes



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                    A friend of mine is taking preorders for her book

                    It has all you need to know about resin!!
                    It is available as an E-book too!!!

                    And no I am not on commission !!



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                      I had been using the colores range of epoxy resin from RIO USA
                      it pours easily and doesn't smell too much. It also has a fabulous
                      range of colours....
                      I've now switched to UV resins as I use them for accent colours on my silver jewellery & UV is quicker setting.
                      What sort of jewellery are you making out of resin?

                      Nic x
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                        Hi Lucy,

                        I always get mine from ABL (Stevens) resin and fibreglass supplies, they have a website and when u call them their people are fantastic at givin advice, good luck,

                        Lauren x