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  • Fimo and Cufflinks

    Fimo and shrink plastic are diff tro use without looking corny, so i've had these supplies for a while and finally got the drive to use them! A bit wary.

    Wolf cufflinks, look more like schipperkes: link removed as it doesnt show photo!
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    aw, they are brill!!! well done!!!


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      Anyone who thinks fimo looks corny has a lot to learn. check out Emma's site some amazing effects are available if you know what to do. I have tried to emulate some of her skill I'm slowly getting there but I flit between so many different mediums I dont expect to be as good as someone who specializes


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        Beautiful beads, I like the peacock blue/greens.

        Ive decided to stay away from fimo for now! It can be tackled with the patience for something intricate/neat. (1/2 marathons for World Society for the Protection of Animals) Vegan cookery


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          I have seen Emmas' stuff before, aswell as many other amazing fimo products! (sorry Renata, your designs look fantastic but they are no longer linked to fimo products so I can't pass comment x) It is wonderful what can be produced using this medium.

          It is fiddly to start but once you have created a cane you can merrily cut away slices of beautiful designs, even as a beginner I find this a highly addictive medium!

          I haven't used shrink plastic since i was a child though so can't comment there x x
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