Hi I have given up beading (apart from making pendants, cufflinks, and 'pendant' earrings) so no longer need these beads.

Chain, some hammer/plier-charms. Wooden and glass beads. A few pendants (closinee,semi precious). beads bought but never used. also some metal pieces included. The two red beads are plastic but theyre good quality/recycled.

Would anyone here who beads be able to use these?

Lot 1:
sorry looks a bit messy!
I can still use the flower turquoise pendant/ large bead cos i can wrap those with bead chips. But I'm happy to swap for a different semiprecious bead/chips, to make a change.

I made this male bracelet here with similar: http://renataharris.co.uk/12.html?frm_data1=1&frm_data1_type=large
sending it to the fiancee hope he likes it!