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The best way to sell/display earrings in a salon.

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  • The best way to sell/display earrings in a salon.

    Hello everyone

    I haven't been around on this board for a while but i have still been passionately making and selling (mainly) earrings at work. I have sold many pairs now and would like to move on a little as i can't sell at wrk forever. So here goes....

    I have 3 friends, 2 are hairdressers and wrk from home, so they have their lovely little salons in their house and 1 runs her own beauty/hair shop.

    Now, 2 of the friends that wrk from home asked me if i wanted to keep some earrings in their salons to sell. Thing is how do i go about it. i.e. Do i sell them the earrings at my price and then they sell them their price so they can get their little profit from it too? They are quite close to me so i know they prob will refuse any gains and will just keep them there to sell for me?!

    This 3rd friend is a parent at my son's school and i have gotten close to her, thing is this is the first time i will be doing this sort of thing and don't quite know how to go about it all.

    What is the best way to display them especially on shelves etc? I was thinking getting picture frames and covering with velvet and then just pierce in the earrings onto the velvet and maybe hanging on wall or put on shelf like a picture frame? Or are there better ways? Obviously it has to be cost effective.

    Does anyone have any experience/advice/suggestions. Sorry lots of questions ;o)

    Thanks a lot


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    How exciting for you and well done

    The best bit of info I can find to help is in this link

    it covers the basics on sale or return supply.

    As for display it really depends on how much space they will let you have...if it's only table top space maybe a large earring carousel would be best with your earrings on the plastic hooked holders , if its just wall space then a pretty covered board with ribbon or wire on to hook the earring holders over. It is best to either do the earrings in boxes or on cards as it means one won't get lost.

    If you get chance a walk around a craft fair is a good idea as you can see how other jewellery makers display their designs and then adapt the ideas to suit your needs

    Hope it helps and let us know how you get on
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      I have a large picture frame, no glass and a foam insert covered in black velvet. At 4 points across the frame I have attached a very thin black ribbon from which I hang all my earrings. So 4 rows of earrings hanging down, obviously won't work with earrings with posts. Hope that makes sense!!! Selina


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        If they're in a salon environment, you might want to make sure they are covered (in a glass display box for example) or in plastic packaging - the chemicals in use (especially bleach) will make silver tarnish more quickly.


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          I have just bought 50 gift tags - like mini cards with a hanging tag in the £1 shop. I am going to push the earrings through holes on the inside and then pin them through the hanging hole onto a xmas tree shaped board.

          If you need to have them covered, I bought some of the the crystal clear plastic greetings card bags with the sticky seal.
          These are the smallest ones I could find where I bought mine

          I could only get the card sized ones at the time so I made up a business card which fits in the bottom 1/2 and then folded the top 1/2 over and stuck them down. IYSWIM. They are great for my SP bargain basket cos they don't get tangled.



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            Thanks for all the advice. I will be making notes and will let everyone know when i go for it!

            More suggestions/advice welcome!



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              About 18 months ago we had a similar deal, I made a stand which displayed our wares that also doubled up as a coffee table and magazine rack (handy being a joiner)the problem we had when selling through a local salon was our friend who owns the salon's main priority was to deal with her customers and make sure she was doing her job right, customers were free to flick through and things were going missing. we stopped doing it because apart from the loss of profit our friend felt really bad and was blaming herself for the losses.