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Do people buy sets?

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  • Do people buy sets?

    Im not a necklace person. More so a pendant person. So i make pendant and bracelet sets rather than necklace and bracelet.

    But do you find people prefer necklaces to pendants and do you find if you make a set people do actually buy it rather than just one item?
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    Whenever I'm asked a question like that I always say (with tongue in cheek) some people like sprouts and some people like cabbage.

    There's no set answer to that one.

    Everybody is different and you'll find that some want just necklace, some want just pendant, some want a thong - some want a chain, some want a bracelet to go with them, some want earrings to match - which you haven't mentioned but I always make matching earrings for any necklace or pendant.

    I try to make a matching set but will price them all separately and offer a discount if they purchase more than one item from a set.

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      The best thing for you to do is make sets but sell seperate and then your catering for every taste, if someone likes to buy sets the options there but if not they can buy seperate I would be put off if I just wanted a necklace but had to buy it in a set


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        Originally posted by redberryrose View Post
        The best thing for you to do is make sets but sell seperate
        I make pendants and often get asked to make the matching earrings - I haven't been asked to make a matching bracelet tho. When I see someone looking at a pendant I always say I have/can make matching items.

        I am starting to make sets as they do seem popular but always offer them as separates.
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          I always seem to get more interest in matching earrings than bracelets. Perhaps because they're closer together?

          I rarely seem to sell any matching pieces to bracelet buyers. I do find the demographics are different though - younger customers seem to go for bracelets and earrrings, whilst ladies 'of a certain age' prefer necklaces and pendants. I think there comes a point where one no longer wants to draw attention to the wrists and hands!

          As others have said, I prefer to keep things separate and offer a discount for 'set' purchases.


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            I find for pressies, people (especially men!) do like to buy sets. People buying for themselves often can't justify buying more than one thing at a time but will sometimes come back another time to get the matching item/s.
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              Everytime I make a necklace, I make a couple of pairs of earrings in different styles to match. I am prepared to swap and change, but most people who buy a necklace want the earrings to go with it.
              Bracelets tend to be stand alone objects. I did a couple of matching necklace and bracelet sets a while ago and they are still in my collection.
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                It is definitely a personal choice. I personally buy just one thing at a time, but when I can I make things to match, price them individually or offer a tiny discount for buying as a set, that way you can make money a bit quicker and have a good turnover of stock.A suggestion from a friend of mine who does silver jewellery was to do a long pair of earrings and a shorter pair so there was choice there too. I would usually find people buying for themselves often opt for earrings, which I think can be very personal. If buyers are aware that even if not currently available you can always make them to order to go with, there is more scope there too
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                  most of the sets I have made and been requested have been earings and necklace, it's not often I've been asked to do a matching bracelet but I've been asked for something that goes with it


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                    Hm, yeah i do earrings to match.

                    I think my only concern is that i dont really do necklaces. More so pendants. I could make a necklace like i have made the bracelet but tbh i dont have enough sterling wire!! If someone wants a necklace then i can take an order.
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