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"Stranger Sales" came back for More !!!!!

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  • "Stranger Sales" came back for More !!!!!

    After my first "stranger sale" the other day the customer has back for more I can't beleive it.The lady wants a matching bracelet and earings to go with the first necklace I made, and now wants a full set in mixed greens and soft whites.Had another lovely text and she was so pleased with the presentation of the jewellery and my little card inside which I did a handwritten message to her.It feels so good to know that people do really like my jewellery.The commment on her text said it was great to know that no one out there will ever have the exact same peice and she was now "unique".

    The jewllery was not particular mt style of jewellery, but you have to make jewellery that fits so many various tastes,don't you?
    Do all jewellery designers think this way or do some only make what they really like as I feel a bit "false" at the moment as this is not my style if you know what I mean.My OH says you have to be universal in this day and age what are your thoughts?
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    Woo hoo go Stranger Sales. I don't think it makes you false I think making variety makes you smart. I see clothes on other people that I think suit them but aren't my style I think that is the way jewellery is.
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      you totally need to make to the buyers taste. Theres things iv made that iv finished and thought that it looks rubbish...... but its the first thing to sell! I suppose if everyone had the same taste the world would be a sad place.


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        Well done you!!!!! I think you definitely have to make things in other peoples tastes as well as your own. I find this hard but the things I dont like I have found to be the ones that sell (does that mean I have bad taste lol)
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          Well done!!! Hope she tells her friends too.

          Quite a lot of the stuff I make isn't anything I'd wear. Bizarrely, when I sit down with my beads and tinker, I get a creative connection and make the piece of jewellery that seems to work out of the things I have in front of me. I love most of what I make but probably wouldn't wear 80% of it as it's not my style.

          Having never sold to strangers yet, I have no idea what will sell in the marketplace, but I have sold some bits to friends who seem to like what I make. I have to say, making things I wouldn't wear does make it easier to part with them.

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            I think you should celebrate the sales and be glad your 'stranger' has come back again!

            I don't think it matters if the style you're making is not 'you'. In a way it is exactly 'you' because you're creating it. Just because it's not your style to wear doesn't mean it's less 'you' for that. You're the one who had the materials and put them together in a certain way.

            I find a lot of things I make are initially 'me' but as I expand upon ideas things become less like things I'd wear but are really variations on a theme.

            Hope that helps! My mind is a bit fuzzy cos I'm just back from Xmas shopping!!!



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              I think the more you make and sell, the more you get to know what other people like. You should be true to yourself though and always make what you're proud of and happy with, not necessarily to wear yourself.

              Best wishes



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                I've given up trying to predict what will sell (to friends or strangers!) as it really boils down to personal taste. I wouldn't necessarily wear all of the jewellery I make, as I can appreciate other styles that aren't 'me', but if I ever actually don't like something, it gets taken apart! Wouldn't feel comfortable trying to sell it, but that's just my preference.
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