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    Can I just ask what the difference is between bali silver and tibetan is bali better to buy as I bought some bali clasps to go with sterling silver chain and its to give as a gift

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    Bali Silver is usually sterling equivalent (92.5% pure silver). It is often oxidised, so may not always be a perfect colour match to new sterling.

    Tibetan 'silver' rarely contains any silver at all. It is frequently used to make much cheaper copies of Bali designs.


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      Another type you may come across is 'Hill tribe silver' This is more than 92.5% silver, usually at least 95% and sometimes up to 99%. It is softer than sterling silver (92.5%) as it doesn't contain as much copper which hardens the metal. It will not tarnish as quickly though due to less copper.



      • #4 George said, Tibetan is usually silver in name only. Hill tribe silver, from ethical dealers such as Shiana is lovely, but being .999 silver, is sometimes too soft to work with. I would also think it may show up a different colour against a sterling silver chain. Here's a link - I'm happy to advertise Shiana!


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          Right ok thanks for that so basically tibetan is not silver and not worth buying and bali is good but wont match sterling in colour, I purchased some bali clasps recently and they are lovely I really do like the bali findings and charms etc that are around and thanks for the link shiana has some really lovely items


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            Bali silver is real .925 sterling silver and usually handmade by silversmiths.

            and Tibetan silver has nothing to do with real silver at all. It's an alloy made up from different white coloured metals, largely zinc and made in pressed moulds. Some can contain lead and nickel, so worth checking before buying.

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