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  • Craft Fair Nerves


    I am doing a craft fair tomorrow and have done a few in the past but the nerves don't get any easier do they!?

    I always worry if i am setting up in the best way to get the best out of my jewellery and hoping that people will like it and buy it. Does anyone else get nervous or is it just me?!
    Helen Victoria
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    LOL, i have my first fair olast weekend so i know how you feel, but as long as you have everything you need it will go fine, just dont 4 get a pen, like i did :-S good luck


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      I always get a bit nervous to the point I dont sleep well the night before!! lol

      Running in my mind all the things I need and have I got them!

      Good luck xx
      Ren x
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        I have a craft fair on sunday and I've just been doing a mock set up. I'm now panicking because I don't have as much work as I need! Oh no!


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          Never done a craft fair, found doing a jewellery party nerve racking enough so can't help you there ....

          But what I can recommend is rescue remedy and night rescue remedy for the night before. Both available from boots, superdrug, health food shops etc it's fab for calming you down and helping with all those anxious moments. The night rescue won't help you sleep like a sleeping tablet does, just helps your mind shut down and stop going over everything over and over again when you're deperate to sleep. I found them both great for the few days leading up to my jewellery party.

          Good luck for the fair anyway!



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            Good luck at the craft fair tomorrow


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              Im sure everything will go really well, Good Luck!