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  • Hello and a couple of questions


    I was just wondering how everyone deals with the eu nickle thing? I have been buying my metal findings from a company who know the nickle content and it meets the guide lines. However I notice most bead and finding sites don't even mention it.

    One of the reasons I'm asking apart from the obvious one, is that I'm finding my findings (lol) seem to tarnish quickly, is this normal or can I do better?



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    When the EU directive was brought out in 2000, it stated that no piece of metal intended for jewellery should contain more than 0.05% nickel. I have not known anyone, even with severe allergies, to have had a problem with anything I have sold since then. I don't think nickel would cause them to tarnish anyway but I could be wrong.


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      Metal Tarnish

      Im afraid I cant help much with the eu nickel directives. But as for your tarnishing problem. I can help!! From many years of frustration with the issue i have become somewhat of an expert in the matter. he he.
      There are few metals that dont tarnish besides PURE gold. All other metals including sterling silver are a mix of metals or they have an underlying copper base. You will find that the more pure the metal is the less the tendency to tarnish. (The larger the ratio of precious metal to alloy) That is why Sterling Silver tarnishes less quickly than Plated Metals.
      Discoloration occurs when the metal is exposed to something that is able to form a chemical reaction with the underlying or base metal.
      E.g. Silver can react with oxygen or sulphur compounds to form a brown/black tarnish
      The only way to reverse the tarnish process on precious metals is by employing another chemical reaction in order to dissolve the residue i.e Cleaning it with jewellery cleaner. Eventually all metal will tarish in some way irrelevant if its nickel based or not. However, it is possible to slow down the process instead. If you store all of your finished pieces in an air tight container with an anti-tarnish tab. It will stay looking new for longer. This also works for your findings too!!! Here's where you can get some!

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        Thanks for this! Very helpful!

        Sorry I don't think I made myself clear about the nickle though.

        1) What I meant to say was do any of you worry about complying with this law?

        2) because I am trying to comply with nickle thing I find myself limited to one supplier, and the findings seem to tarnish quickly....... so it's reasuring to know that all findings seem to tarnish including silver, and it's not just me!!

        Thanks again



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          Everything sold IN the EU must comply with the Nickel Directive.

          If you buy from outside the UK (i.e. China) the laws are not so stringent

          I buy all my findings in the UK but buy beads all over the world.

          With regard to tarnishing; I keep all my finished pieces in a ziplock bag to prevent oxidation. If this still does not work, try the anti-tarnish strips

          I have never had a problem with tarnishing to be honest


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            Ok now I'm even more confused..........

            The website I am using actively says it meets standards on findings but not all beads.

            I have steared away from metal or metalised beads becase of this, as surely they will come into just as much contact as say a clasp on a necklace.

            Do you think I can safely buy my findings from any uk supplier and they will meet the standards?

            Do any of you worry about metal beads?





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              Just on the silver tarnishing bit - I bought a tub of silver dip for cutlery (it's bigger and cheaper than the jewellery version) and when I need to dip my tarnished silver, 30 seconds and it's sparkly again and then a good wash (no good for pearls though I have risked Swarovski bicones). I haven't tried the argentium silver yet which is supposed to be super tarnish resistand but more expensive.
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