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First craft fair. Total pants!

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  • First craft fair. Total pants!

    Well, tonight, i went to my first craft fair in a local school. £7.50 for the table and they wanted a jewellery donation to raffle. So, I gave them a bracelet priced at £14.

    Arrived at the hall, no-one there. Hung about in the snow till someone turned up to open up. There were no tables set out so i had to do this myself. Also, out of the 12 stalls there, only 3 (including me) were handmade stuff! The rest was all bought in stuff that people were selling. There was another jewellery stall selling all jewellery for £5 so that bombed mine right out of the water The lady admited to me that they were all bought in but she never told her customers that! Also, there were a couple of nasty sellers that made me feel that i shouldnt have been there!!! ggggrrrrr

    Only came out with £50 but out of that was the £14 bracelet and the £7.50 table money. Sat there for 2 hours!!! Is this normal for a craft fair??? Im going to the RCH one in 10 days and im starting to dread it now !

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    It can happen - but there are lots of better ones around with friendly people and goodly organisers. In addition the weather wasn't helping.

    Don't give up!
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      that`s a real shame, bet your next one will be a lot better. the nasty sellers were prob just put out cos they could see your jewellery was
      vastly superior


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        I had my first craft fair last week - pants as you say!
        I shared a stall with a friend - cost us £12.50 each per day - i made only £15.50 on the saturday and £13.50 on the sunday so lets see thats a profit of... £4.00! minus all the costs of materials to make all the crafts... well lets just say im definately in the minus figures!
        I am doing one this weekend though (guess iv not learnt my lesson) to see if i can do any better (plus i did love the craft fair atmosphere).
        Hope you dont get put off doing craft fairs in the future!
        Lady Lora


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          Don't give up, they can only get better! Sounds like it wasn't very well organised and I personally think a £14 bracelet is too much for a raffle (waits for the backlash!) I gave a £5.95 pendant for a raffle prize and I think this is enough. Most crafters are really nice and friendly, I don't think its the norm to get nasty ones, maybe they thought you were invading their 'turf'. Good luck for the next one, Selina


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            Swings and Round-a-bouts!

            Some are good, some are terrible! Just need to make sure you have an even mix of the two

            Good luck at the next one though, don't let this one get you down


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              i agree the a £14 bracelet is too much. i was kind of put on the spot at the time of giving it.

              The people who had bought crafted stuff were very nice. It was the poeple who had brought bought in stuff that werent so friendly. I think that true crafters can appreciate each others work much more as they know that it takes a lot of time,comitment and talent to create.



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                Often when someone is nasty to you from the outset (so it couldn't have been something you said/did etc) it is because of an issue they have within themselves.

                Your stuff is UK crafted by you and they know they are being fraudulent about their goods by 'not telling' so you made them feel uncomfortable (not so bad they stop mind) and you got the brunt.

                Don't let one bad experience stop you. I have been to very cliquey places like that as well as equally warm and inviting ones it is trial and error. Fairs are not all the same I hope the next one is a fun one for you.
                Terry xxx
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                  Shame that was your first experience, don't let it put you off. I do regular shows locally and when I started about 5 years ago it was all hand-crafted. Gradually over the years, there's more and more bought in stuff. There's one person who has a really big set-up of stuff he buys in Thailand. He takes thousands of pounds in a weekend which is sickening for the rest of us. Luckily I've already built up my reputation and some people do prefer to buy from the person who makes it.

                  There are lots of craft fairs who insist that all stuff is hand-crafted but they tend to be very expensive and it's difficult to get in with jewellery. I do a few of them but when I take out the cost of travelling, hotels etc. my profits aren't always that great.
                  Best wishes



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                    OK (now here's where I get shot down in flames)
                    A lot of Jewellery made overseas etc is also handmade,
                    yes there's a lot of poo but some of it is very well crafted
                    and solid.

                    Quite often it's the crafters only way of feeding their family,
                    it's cheaper than UK handcrafted because they get paid less.
                    I make my own jewellery but (amongst other things)
                    also stock jewellery made by small co-ops overseas -
                    it helps them out of poverty & gets them a roof over their heads.

                    I try to buy ethically when finding new suppliers and ask "who" is
                    making the stuff, anonymous factories or small spe******t craftspeople.
                    Quite a few of my companies have training programmes to give skills
                    to the community.

                    Unfortunately many "shoppers" don't really care where it comes from,
                    only that it's cheap..Made by us, in the UK or ethically made overseas,
                    We need to appeal to those that do!

                    Nic x
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                      Generally speaking school fairs are a mix of all sorts and not just handmade, so you can expect that there will be all sorts unfortunately. Somebody on here (Silvermaid I think) suggested giving a voucher if asked for a raffle prize which hopefully will encourage the winner to come and spend when they collect their prize. Fairs are so unpredictable that your next one could be really good for you so don't give up. I have taken far less than £50 before now!


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                        Originally posted by MuranoSilver View Post
                        Unfortunately many "shoppers" don't really care where it comes from, only that it's cheap..Made by us, in the UK or ethically made overseas, We need to appeal to those that do!
                        Nic x
                        I agree, overseas does not necessarily mean lack of quality but the seller should not try and pass stuff off as their own.

                        The key, most valuable aspect of what you say, is to make sure you are supporting the crafters out there and those who offer ethical employment, life skills etc not the ones keeping people in poverty.

                        See no shooting or flames at all
                        Terry xxx
                        You can't have everything. Where would you put it all?" - Steven Wright
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                          First craft fair, Total pants

                          You just don't know what is going to happen.

                          I have done a couple of craft fairs over the year and it depends on how well it is promoted and the location.

                          I have a two day craft fair at Delapre Abbey in Northampton on 13/14 December and then that will be my lot for this year.

                          I tend to sell my jewellery at parties, but some of those have actually come from people picking up my leaflet at a craft fair. So I wouldn't knock them too much. If you are not selling them make sure the leaflets are getting distributed as you never know who will visit your website.

                          Good luck at your next one.

                          from Haken Jewellery


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                            Its a shame when you feel like you have done badly. Wish I could take £50, I have done 3 fairs now (all small church/school ones) and paid £10 per table and so far I havent even taken £50!!!! The gift voucher idea is excellent though and I intend to do this in future. I know what you mean about nasty people though, unfortunately there are a lot of them about, rise above it and think to yourself, I'm better than them because I look for the good in people, I accept my lot and make the most of life. These people are usually nasty because they dont like themselves, so why should anyone else like them, also their jealous of your abilities!!!!! Keep at it, I will, there has to be money to be made somewhere hehe
                            Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                              I take your point Muranosilver but it's hard to be philosophical when your livelihood is at stake.


                              Best wishes