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    hi does any one use pmc for their jewellery?

    if so could anyone recommend a good kit as i am looking at getting one?

    is it hard and would you recommend doing a course? i have looked around but cannot find any local.

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    Try The Polymer-Clay Pit they have starter kits. I have dabbled in PMC and this is one of the items on my list to really work at next year. I already have a small blow torch and firing brick etc but like you would love to do a course, bit expensive though so out of the question at the moment. My nearest is in Dorset and the starter course is £70.00.

    Good Luck


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      PMC is a medium I would definitely recommend taking at least an introductory course in. It's not particularly easy to teach yourself (though it's not by any means impossible!)

      Where abouts are you? I know some very good PMC tutors who I'd happily recommend if it's any help.


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        I have taught myself and found it reasonably easy, but I have spent years playing with clay so it was only a natural progression. Read the instructions first and if you are in any doubt there are plenty of courses around the country. pmc is a lot more costly than clay so you don't want to waste it


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          hi i live in leicestershire so if you do know any please let me know.

          i am going to have a look at the website as i would really love to take this up to expand my knowledge and skills


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            Keekie - where in Leicestershire do you live?
            There are a few courses around you

            Nic xx
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              I've been using PMC3 for the last few months and am self taught, any problems I've had I've managed to get over - for instance, thought I'd thoroughly dried a piece and started to torch fire it only to find an air pocket errupt - right under where I'd put a CZ gem! I managed to fix this and the pendant is fine.

              I did a lot of research before I even bought my first kit, I looked for info on the net and got three books:
              Precious Metal Clay Techniques
              The Art of Metal Clay with DVD
              Art Clay Silver and Gold

              I then got my kit from Cookson Gold (was rather more expensive, but the site I wanted to get it from was shut for a while and I couldn't wait any longer).
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                hi, i also live in leicestershire and would love to do a course in pmc,
                i have been looking at
                it looks very good but if muranosilver can recommend one that is a bit closer and does not involve an overnight stay that would be great.
                in the mean time i think i will ask for a book and some of the basics for christmas


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                  I don't think I can post links yet, but you might want to google Magick Minx Productions - Leigh is a lovely lady and a fab tutor and is in Leics.


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                    Where is the cheapest kit/ best value?

                    Dont need the ring sizing matts and tools only:

                    Ring mandrel (hoepfully)

                    Cant find any kits tat dont have all this excess i dont want, dont want to pay for.

                    Cheaper to buy separately?
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                      Renata if you want to make rings then the paper ring strips are useful as
                      they prevent the clay reacting with a metal mandrel and also stop it
                      sticking to wood. The ring sizing mats are also useful worksurfaces as
                      they're gridded so help with cutting ring strips and straight shapes.
                      There are a few different blowtorches cooksongold has quite a range..
                      Be careful not to overheat as they are hot enough to melt the silver

                      Depending on which type of clay you buy ArtClay Silver or PMC you'll need
                      to adjust sixes up to account for shrinkage (go up 1 1/2 to 2 sizes) as the silver clay shrinks as it dries then shrinks again when it's fired.

                      If torch firing then I would suggest ArtClay650 it gives good results and
                      has a low shrinkage rate (approx 10%). The ,
             and are all
                      ACS (Art Clay Silver) sources.

                      For those that would like some help.....
                      (Hopefully this is OK to post as it's an "freebie" course).

                      I'm in Market Deeping (the other side of Stamford) and as long as people
                      don't mind waiting until the New Year I'd happy to help people get the
                      basics....I could teach up to 4 people (ideally 10 am to about 6 ish on
                      either Sunday 7th or 14th Jan).
                      I'd need to cover material costs but would run a course for £50 each
                      which would include the Art Clay Silver - Large Starter Pack, which
                      has all the basic tools you'd need, for you
                      to take away.
                      Or if people prefer they can get their own Large Starter Packs from the
                      Polymer Clay Pit, bring them along & pay a contribution towards the fuels
                      & any extra stuff you use.

                      The Art Clay Silver - Large Starter Pack is great as it has:
                      10g of Art Clay Silver 650 Slow Dry clay (2 or 3 pieces of work).
                      Steel mesh for gas hob firing, polishing tools, ring gauge and mandrels,
                      tweezers, sanding pads, burnisher, liver of sulphur for antiquing, polish,
                      etc. Full instructions for additional projects and a DVD to use as a refresher (Value £39.00).
                      The other £11 would cover electric, tea, coffee, snacks and some of the
                      extra materials you might need e.g a CZ for stone setting.

                      If you want to take away extra clay it would be at a discount and I'd cover all the basics.
                      The working texture for ideal results, the different clay types,
                      e.g. Clay, paste, paper, syringe.
                      How to roll & form the clay, using moulds, applying texture,
                      Mistakes to avoid & tips that will benefit you for getting great results
                      that are strong & long lasting.
                      Basic stone setting, forming rings & shrinkage rates.

                      Finishing the clay, repairing cracks and the three different
                      methods of firing Torch, Hob & Kiln..

                      If there's time I'd also cover Patination with Liver of Sulpher &
                      any other questions people might have....

                      Let me know if you'd like to do this, it would be a fun day.
                      Nic xx
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                        What a fantastic offer!


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                          i agree, what a wonderful offer
                          i would love to be considered for a place,any date that suits you.
                          if you decide to go ahead please let me know.
                          thankyou sally


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                            Ok Sally I'll pop you in for a place, how about the Sunday 14th January?
                            Plenty of time to make Valentines pieces when you get home

                            We'll sort out the details nearer the date, needless to say if anyone
                            else fancies coming there's another 3 spaces left

                            Nic x
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                            Different prize every month
                            Jewellery Creations & Shop Blog
                            PMC & Silver Clay Hints and Tips Blog


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                              I think I would like to come too please and a friend of mine prob will - can I get back to you for def? Sunday 14th is fine for me.

                              I've also send you a pm.