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How much to charge??

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  • How much to charge??

    Morning all,

    This is a picci of the first piece of jewellery I have ever made! I am going to attempt to sell it, but my question is how much should I ask?

    I have no idea what it cost to make, as the stuff was all part of a huge kit, bought a couple of years ago, and I can't remember how much I paid for it.

    I won't supply a chain (as I don't have one!) and the main bead is venitian glass.



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    Your first problem is who made the kit. You need to know what the designer's outlook on copyright is before you can sell it as your never know who might recognise it! Copyright is a huge problem for jewellery designers, and artists in general, so the 'ethics' thing should always be pursued as far as you can - if you can't find out who's it is, then it's your decision whether to sell it or not.


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      I will find out about the kit and check about selling, but the venitian beads were bought separately off ebay - does that make a difference??


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        Yeah, I agree. I have bought kits in the past and kept the jewellery I made from them as I only sell stuff I have designed myself.

        As for selling it, you really need to know how much it cost you to make; including all materials, overheads, time etc. Otherwise you may be undercutting other people and not actually making a profit, which is silly......

        Hope that helps

        Keep going with the jewellery making though, it's great fun and really addictive


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          Not sure if this is what people mean, but by kit, I mean a huge box of loose beads and findings, about 3000 pieces, and there was no instructions on how to make any jewellery, so it has been designed myself.

          I've checked on Ebay, and the seller is no longer listed on Ebay, so can't ask them


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            I think you'll have to find something similar and see how much it is, then use the current prices of the similar items to calculate your price for this. The standard is double the cost of materials and add labour.

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              if you bought the beads as a non instructional kit (selection rather than kit) you should have no problems at all.
              full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                That's a great first piece!

                Now I'm going to say the same thing I say to any new jewellery designer/maker.

                Make lots of pieces. Wear them yourself, give them to friends and family to wear, make sure they're well finished and durable (for example, I think the pendant you've made needs a wrapped loop at the top, and may need a sturdier jumpring).

                Once you're happy, by all means think about selling some pieces, perhaps initially to those same friends and family. I'd agree, the minimum formula needs to be around the component cost x 2 plus time. Once you do start selling, make sure you're all above board on the tax front (ie registered as self-employed and submitting a tax return + NI).

                I know this all sounds a bit much, but there's a big difference between making a few things as a hobby and running a business (on however small a scale).

                From my own experience, I can look back at some of my early pieces, and whilst I remain proud of them as learning achievements, I know there is no way they were of a good enough standard to sell as handcrafted.

                Most of all, I'd recommend having some fun making things before worrying about how to price or sell them.

                Hope that makes sense



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                  ...........................and this lady knows what she's talking about!


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                    Thank you Peter


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                      Thanks for your advice George I love making the jewellery, mostly cos I can't find what I want in the shops!!

                      To be honest, I'm not to bothered about selling at the moment, just hope I get lots of goodies for Xmas so I can expand my collection!

                      And being the complete novice I am....... What's a wrapped loop - do you have a picci of one?