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the best place to get crimp plier things?

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  • the best place to get crimp plier things?

    hi all new to this malarky where is the best/ cheapest place to get the crimping pliers that make the crimps round please? Currently mine are flat and would love to try round ones? or r they over rated? opinions please all

    Julie xxxxx
    Jules Beadz

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    They are about £10 everywhere

    I must say I tried some the other day and the effect was quite nice.

    I am under the impression that you have to buy a different pair for each size of crimp so that would be a couple of pairs minimum.


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      I use Beadsmith pliers on 2mm round crimp beads (not the tubes) and the effect is great and very strong.
      This was after a lot of trial and error, definately spend the extra dosh to get a decent pair, not cheap ones as they are terrible and don't fit the crimps properly.
      I also use beadalon 2mm crimps with my pliers.
      If you make fine jewellery you can get solid silver crimps which I am sure give an even better result but for me the extra cost is not worth it for my type of jewellery.
      I got my pliers from ebay, I think it was a store called crystal phoenix, but there are lots of shops, just do a search for beadsmith crimping pliers standard size.
      They are about £10-£12.
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        The crimping pliers referred to above will just give you a roundish tube rather than a completely flat crimp. If you want your crimp to look like a proper spherical bead, you need to look for magical crimping pliers (I think there's a current thread about them!)


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          or... just another thought... you can cover a crimp with a 'crimp bead cover' which makes them look like neat round beads (there are some on my website).


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            They are excellent I wish I'd bought mine sooner, the comments I have had have been brilliant I've had people say the things they got from me look better than the ones in the shops in town, I told them they should be each one is hand made work of art not mass produced tat churned out by the hundreds in some factory