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Selling to shops...advice needed!!

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  • Selling to shops...advice needed!!

    Hi there
    Can anyone give me any advice on how to approach shops/galleries about stocking my silver jewellery?
    I just want to be prepared for any questions etc when i do work up the courage to do it!!
    So, if any of you have successfully sold your jewellery to shops, i'd be really grateful for your help!

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    Give them a ring and ask if you can come and show them your work. Alternatively you could e-mail them and send some images. If you want them to wholesale your work, they'll probably expect your price to be half of what they sell it for. If you do sale or return, find out what their mark-up will be and work out your price accordingly. Check how often they send out cheques for anything they've sold on sor.
    Best wishes


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      I find it best to ring them because emails are too easy to ignore. Also you get a more immediate response. Though it does take a little more courage to ring them I think!

      Do you have any shops or galleries in mind? If they are quite local you could always pop in and tell them you would be interested in showing them your work. Also then you aren't taking them by surprise and you can arrange a time to come and see them when it is convenient.

      Most people enjoy having a look at things, especially galleries as they are as keen to find work they can sell as you are to have your work displayed. Also galleries are used to people wanting to show them work.

      Be ruthless, don't leave your work on SOR anywhere where it isn't selling.

      Make sure you have your prices worked out beforehand, I find it best to give them a retail price, as Glitterbug says, most places will work to around 50% commission. I.e, if you need £20 for a piece to cover your materials and labour etc, then the retail price should be at least £40.

      Hope this is helpful, gimme a shout if you need any more info.


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        All good advice so far!

        Also, it helps to have a printed price list that you can leave with them. Make sure you can show your jewellery in a professional and neat way (ie not from a cardboard box!)
        Always try to get them to pay you for your jewellery before agreeing to SOR.
        Feel free to PM me is you want any more advice


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          Thanks for your advice!

          Hi there,
          Thanks so much to all of you for your advice! Sorry i've not had a chance to reply until now. I have worked out wholesale prices for the pieces i've made so far (based on the formula on this website: ejrbeads.....not allowed to post full web address yet!)
          Hopefully this is a good way of pricing....?!
          I may well PM you for further advice , thanks!