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    Last edited by waitingformagic; 08-07-2009, 10:18 AM.

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    I never plan anything either Gemma, so your not the only one

    I just sit at the table with my beads and "play" untill i have made something i am happy with and like, just trial and error seems to work best for me.

    Sorry i cant be of more help.

    Jake x


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      I don't plan either and sometimes sit in front of a pille of stuff and just play around until it comes right. How about looking for a one day workshop or short course on something you haven't tried before. Maybe tiara making, wire work etc etc.


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        good to know im of some help somewhere

        I just bought some 24 guage wire online and other bits and peices that i have never used before in my life, but im just going to "play" with it and see what happens


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          I never plan either, just sit there and stare and move beads around till the inspiration strikes! I use small headpins to attach beads to charm bracelets, if you have a lot of odd beads this could be a good way of using them up, maybe. Selina


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            I totally know how you feel. I don't plan either, just sit down to see what I feel in the mood for. But whenever I get this amazing idea, I never have everything I need, or money to buy more. And I do seem to have spent A LOT of money on things I would never use.

            Have you thought of perhaps having a bit of a clear-out and putting some of the beads you know you won't use on eBay? That way you'll have a bit more money to buy some of the things you do need.

            Whenever I hit a slump, I try to clear up my work area and reorganise my beads. My mojo always seems to return whenever I get rid of the clutter.



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              I think everybody goes through these phases. I'm having one at the moment, probably my longest yet! I've not had inspiration for weeks, which doesn't help when I part of my job is to demonstrate products!

              I've had to force myself to make stock for fairs, but I only do it because I know eventually my mojo will return. I don't think my stuff looks anything like it should when I have to make myself do it.

              In the past i have made mini scrapbooks from pictures that I have found in magazines and on the internet, and then I add notes/ideas/tips next to them. Every now and then I will dig them out and see if anything takes my fancy.

              Hang in there, you'll soon spot something that gives you an idea, and you'll be off! You won't be able to make things fast enough
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                I agree with the idea of clearing/sorting out your bead stash - I don't do it very often but when I do I always find something that I bought, never used and forgot about. And when I do find it, usually an idea just springs to mind.

                Try colour co-ordinating your beads and maybe some inspiration will come when you see several beads together in similar or contrasting shades. Sometimes you can come up with colour combinations that you would never have thought of but they just look good together.

                Have a look at google images or on a photo sharing site like photobucket. Just search for handmade jewellery and you get loads of pics to look at. Keep looking through them until something inspires you - I usually see a design and think "those beads I have would look good in a design similar to that one".

                I also sit there with my bead board, just moving beads around until I find a design that looks right.

                And finally - never be scared to post your pics on here. Everyone is always very supportive to newbies. We all have to start somewhere and we all get better with practice.

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                  Funnily enough this evening I had a clear out/up. I had bought a new storage cabinet from Maplins and I was sorting out all my crystals this evening. I was going to try and make a pendant for my aunty for xmas but then I didnt have the right type of wire so I ended up making a ring with a few swarovski pearls. That doesnt help me with my auntys xmas present but at least I felt I had achieved something this evening what with the tidy up and making the ring. I often find that its actually having orders that gives me my inspiration, I like the pressure. But when I am quiet like I am just now....well my mojo goes
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                    sorry Gemma i've got your mojo and i'm not giving it back .......

                    have been glued infront of the sewing machine from friday night and have made a load of things and have more cut out ready to sew but it was that long since i had used the machine that i had to dust it off before i could use it and i had been on a 'oh i must buy that i might need it some day ' that my dining room looks like a fabric shop ..... but just relax and try not to think about it and mojo will strike soon
                    while i knit i think




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                      maybe a stupid idea

                      Originally posted by waitingformagic View Post
                      So I've hit a bit of a slump.

                      I can't think of anything to make lately and feel like what I do make is lame. Probably doesn't help that I keep spraying beads everywhere then one of my older bracelets that seemed sturdy fell off in a restaurant on Friday!

                      I keep buying more stuff but then, whenever I look at my collection of beads and such, I still think I don't have what I need. Is there such a thing as enough anyway??

                      I'm one of these people who doesn't plan. I sit there, stare, and think of something on the spot - none of this planning haead, doing drawings malarkey! (Fair do's if that works for you though lol)

                      What do you do when you hit a slump? I've even tried looking for inspiration in other people's work but even then they're using stuff I don't have so it doesn't really help with the inspiration!

                      I have lots of: chip beads, charms, spacers, magnetic hematite (including some awful pea green colour that I hate), seed beads, smaller beads, cubes, weird rose bud things that never sit straight, I also have lots of lampwork but only small quantities of each.

                      Sadly, my only head/eye pins right now are 1in ones!

                      Absolutely anything you can throw my way to get my brain working on this utterly boring Sunday evening would be appreciated.

                      Note: I will post pics of my work when I feel more confident... I just keep looking at other people's and feeling seriously inferior... I'm still a relative newb when it comes to jewellery. I've dabbled for years but never really delved into the proper ins and outs til recently.

                      Gemma xx
                      hey dont be so pesimistic
                      everyone has times of such, if you like "creative impotency"
                      but do nat worry im sure it will go by and again you will be able to create some little gems
                      my idea for you might be stupid but listen , if you feel fed up with jewellery for the time being why dont you tru some small macramee?
                      with all the beads and stuff you say you have you could create some beautifull decorations
                      hope thats of any help to you
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                        Do something completely different for a few days, don't even look at your beads etc. Then go back to them shuffle them around, and inspiration will strike again.

                        FWIW I don't plan anything either I let my beads speak to me (or is that the wine?)

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                          I always seem to lose my mojo when I need it most i.e. just before a craft fair. I will stay up late messing about and not getting anywhere and then I will suddenly get a few ideas one after the other and then don't have time to make them.
                          If I'm really stuck I usually copy a necklace I have already made but with different colour combinations or different shaped beads and then go on from there. Like you I found I had loads of beads that didn't match so I made myself buy lots of silver, cream, black and plain colour beads that I could match with almost anything.
                          A few ideas from me.
                          Chip beads look great strung as bracelets with a single seed bead in between each chip and I make matching necklaces with about 10cm of them in the centre on silver colour beadalon.
                          I usually use 3 or 5 lampwork beads in a necklace with matching seed beads and a few accent beads that pick out some of the colours in the beads. If they are orphans or bigger lampwork I put them on a eyepin with a few crystal dangles beneath.




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                            Non-planner here.

                            I have just got my mojo back after weeks and weeks. I hadn't even opened my sewing area up or looked at the fabrics etc. It was last week when I just thought right, today is the day. I sat down and made a lovely Christmas sack with a snowman on it. Mind you I haven't made anything else since then but I have got the good vibes back.

                            Ignore your beads etc for now and give it a week or so and get back on the horse!

                            As Peter (moderator ) once said to me in a similar thread - spending time on the computer and this forum won't help your mojo come back!!! He's right!!


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                              This happens to me all the time

                              I feel really bad when I haven't made anything for ages, so I force myself to tidy my desk. Inevitably, I find beads I had forgotten about and decide to make something there and then....... it doesn't help get my desk tidied but I feel a helluva lot better after making something!