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    Hi everyone. Haven't been around much lately - so much to do and so little time.

    I was wondering if there are many chain maillers around here? Bumbybeads, I know you make some gorgeous chain maille jewellery & you have a shop on etsy. I have made a couple of sterling silver Byzantine bracelets, which I love. And I've had them on my stalls at recent craft fairs, but they don't really get that much interest. Only when I mention to the customer who's looking at them that they are completely hand made, do they look slightly more impressed, but they always just put them down again.

    So I've been wondering what would be the best way to sell them, or to promote them on my stall? Because they are quite expensive to make, I can't really afford to make loads of them. I'm also finding it really difficult to price them. So any tips would be appreciated.

    Is chain maille really worth getting into? I hope it is, as I love it. But if they don't sell, there's no point unfortunately.

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    You have the patience of an angel if you make chain maille goodies.I saw some made by another crafter about a year ago and realised how fiddly it is.
    I think its worth persisting as I dont think it has caught the publics eye yet, medieval style was meant to be in fashion a few months back, and its bound to take off at some point especially with historical dramas like The Tudors being popular.Im sure people will take notice soon.

    Hmm, pricing is up to you, think about how much the materials cost and how long they took you to make.

    Just had a thought.Would it be an idea to contact reinactment events, like people who reinact famous battles like from Henry V, maybe set up a stall there.Or try places like Hampton Court gift shop.

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      In my experience, if it's expensive it has to have the wow factor before people will pay for it. I think you'd need to add something to it to make it extra special. Something like a handmade silver charm. The bracelets that I sell most of usually have a flower with a gold centre or a silver heart of some sort on them. You could also use the chain maille as the strap for a watch. People are really having to think hard about what they buy now and unless it's really cheap or it stands out as being extra special, they won't bother. I think we all need to make our jewellery unique to us as that's the only way to build up our reputation.
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        How about making chainmail earrings, less silver so less expensive than bracelets and maybe have a sign at the top of your display saying that they are handmade and something about the weaves you have used ? I make earrings mainly because I have no time to make bracelets but when I did I made some in copper and promoted the health benefits of wearing copper bracelets.
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