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tools - pliers etc. what do I really need?

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  • tools - pliers etc. what do I really need?

    Hi, I'm just starting to make jewellery - all beads so far - and for Christmas have been offered a tool kit as a present as I want to start using wire in the jewellery.... So - I have seen 2 options. One just contains flat-nose and round-nose pliers, and wire-cutters for £15. The other contains superfine chain-nose, round-nose, flat-jaw and bead crimping pliers plus wire cutters, bead nipper, wire rounder, cup burr, knotting tweezers AND split ring tweezers!! For £35. As I'm new to all this I don't know how useful all those things will be - e.g. do you need bead crimping pliers and split ring tweezers or will flat nose pliers do the same job? Any advice will be welcome Jo

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    The first set sounds fine to begin with, add extras when you feel the need for them. 90% of my work is done with flat, round and snips


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      Or....if you're like me, plough in head first, buy the lot and then discover it's not for you! Story of my life that...
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        Originally posted by urbtaf View Post
        The first set sounds fine to begin with, add extras when you feel the need for them. 90% of my work is done with flat, round and snips
        Oh I'm glad you said that, I've only just started too and that's what I've got TBH I probably wouldn't know what to do with anything else!
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          Hiya..I'm with Urbtaf on this one buy the cheapest, I never heard of half of those in the second set.
          Personally I think crimp pliers are overrated...just cant get the hang of em at all.... I use mainly round nose, flat pliers x 2, and wire cutters. oh and a pair of scissors.
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            I like my crimp pliers. Very handy.

            A good pair of cutters is a must and maybe some files once your started to file off the sharp bits.
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              I have one pair round nose pliers, 2 pairs of flat nose pliers, well 3 really but one I just use as wire cutters and one crimping pliers (but just cheap ones)




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                The one thing I would try to have is a pair of fine pliers, ie snipe nosed. I would assume that is what the first pair in the second set are. The tools I have are: snipe nosed pliers, half round pliers, round nosed pliers and wire cutters. I've got loads of other stuff but nothing that warrants mentioning at this stage


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                  I agree with urbtaf too. You can get by without Crimping pliers if you don't mind flat crimps as opposed to rounded. I'm not sure people make the difference, look at what sells on the High Street! Round nose are essential with headpins/eyepins to make loops.
                  I find tweezers quite handy to pull the wire through the beads, etc, or to make knots.

                  I've got this set with round nose, flat nose, cutters, chain nose (inside flat, outside round) and teezers + awl.
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                    Thanks to everyone for the replies. Sounds like a smaller selection will be enough then, which is good as I can spend the extra money on findings etc. so I'll actually have something to use the tools with!!


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                      I bought most of mine at the pound shop. my cutters and round nose were from maplins.
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                        I agree with the rest the smaller pack will be fine.
                        If you decide to get some crimping pliers I would recommend you save up and get the magical crimp pliers. You can only use them with 2mm x 2mm sterling crimps but they make a really neat ball instead of a flattened crimp. I haven't used anything else since I bought mine.



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                          I think I am going to have to go against some of the opinions about crimping pliers, sorry!
                          I used to squash my crimps with flat nosed pliers when I first started, but it tends to leave sharp edges on the crimp and the overall look of a squished flat crimp is a bit naff when compared to a properly folded and rounded crimp. Also, flatenning crimps doesn't give the best hold on the wire and they can work themselves loose over time. Crimping with crimp pliers seperates the wire strands and then folds them together tightly and definately gives the best hold. It also rounds off the crimp and stops any sharp edges which can scratch the neck or get caught on clothing.
                          As I said, I started off flatenning them but now that I have found a pair of decent crimpers (after a few purchases) and crimps to go with them, I would never go back to just squashing crimps flat.
                          It does take practice to use crimpers but the result is well worth it.