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Selling jewellery in Salons

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  • Selling jewellery in Salons


    I've done a few jewellery parties and also sold to people at work. Before I approach a beauty salon/hair dressers to ask if they will display/sell some of my pieces in their salon, I'm trying to find out what kind of payment they might expect from me ie take 10% of everything I sell or maybe charge me a monthly fee. Can anyone advise?

    Thanks very much

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    Commission fees for sellers can vary greatly from anything upto about 50%. You need to come to talk to the owner of the salon and find out what she's (assumption) expecting.

    I was lucky in that my jewellery was in the local salon and the owner grew up in the same street as me so she did it as a favour for me and didn't take anything.

    I used to have goods in an art gallery but they wanted a whopping 45% which I added onto the top of my prices. I found that this venue was very "cliquey" with only the regular designers (with the art degrees) that seemed to sell anything.

    I've also had goods in a cabinet in 2 antique shops and they charged me £8 per week (I didn't do much so I withdrew my goods after the contract was up and I've recently learned that they are now offering the cabinets at half price). I see that as a sign that business still isn't very good.

    We now stock goods that other crafters have made and we personally add 20% onto the price that the crafter wants for their goods.

    I think that an average % is between 20 - 30%. As I said earlier - talk to the salon owner and find out what she's expecting and take it from there.


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