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    I am just starting to make my own jewellery I want to start selling it but do you think setting up your own website is the best way to go about it? or maybe sell on ebay? any ideas...

    Does anyone know what the easiest website to set up is that is free?


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    Hi LN02
    I am a card maker and craft paper designer on CD, I have a website of my own for each to sell them, but I also sell the CD's on Ebay.
    I know I am lucky because my partner is a web designer so my websites were designed and are maintained for free here at home. You can get free website design where you only pay hosting fees but in many cases they can be pretty cheap looking and you have to be happy that your website puts across the look of your product. In the first instance maybe Ebay would be a good idea. Have you had a look on there to see what other handmade jewellery is being sold? When I was deciding to sell there I joined and then watched other competition sellers items seeing how they were listed and if they sold. Helped me to decided how and where to list and even whether my products would even sell.
    Looking back I haven't been much help really but hopefully if this post goes back to the top someone else will have some pearls of wisdom.
    Good luck
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      Ebay has been recomended.Itl give you an idea of how much people would pay for your goodies, but bare in mind people want a bargain in ebay.
      Good luck with the website, Im in the same situation as you.

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        I have just launched my online jewellery shop this month!

        I have so far been to one craft fair but had no luck, but I have applied to others.

        I did the website myself for free and I am happy with it.

        I've also put an item on eBay as an auction starting at a low price and the people who bid on it were trying to get an absolute bargain! I did not get what I wanted for it, but I have learned, and I have just put more items on at fixed prices to see how they go! I suppose you just have to try all the formats to see which is best for you!

        My site has been live for 3 weeks now and so far I've not sold anything through it despite having a lot of hits!

        It does get frustrating when you feel like you are not getting anywhere with it but I've just had to try to get noticed getting links to my site from craft sites. And I do have more fairs to try!

        Try eBay, your own site and fairs to see what is best for you!

        Good Luck!

        Silver Ruby


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          Im surprised Mr Media hasnt offered his advice by now(he is a computer wizard)Try pm'ing 0103 media.

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            Originally posted by Seahorse View Post
            Im surprised Mr Media hasnt offered his advice by now(he is a computer wizard)Try pm'ing 0103 media.
            Free is the problem..

            always imho you get what your pay for..

            google offers free website @

            but if you want to sell online then you really need your own hosting,site database and pay point..

            Lots to think about..

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              I have just bought mrsite. At 34.99 for the first year for everything it appears to be a good deal-will let you know how i get on


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                Hi a website is a good idea, but I would check out Ebay as well, have a good search and you can see the sort of things that are selling and the prices and will give you some good ideas.

                I have just opened a web site with easywebstore and so far not doing to bad.

                Have you had a look at esty that auction site is set up for handmade items, worth looking at

                Good Luck


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                  Thanks for sharing google link...