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First jewellery party and im sick!

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  • First jewellery party and im sick!

    Tonight is my first jewellery party and iv been prepairing for months! But last night i ended up with this horrible bug thats been going around my school! Head over the sink and bum over the toilet stuff!!! I couldnt believe that it happened on THIS weekend!!

    So, as the party was at my sister in laws house...... she is going to do the selling for me. I feel terrible dumping it on her !!! But i didnt want to give everyone else my horrible bug!!!

    Poor Me!!!

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    Aaah, definitely poor you!

    But look on the bright side - your SIL might be quite good at selling your stuff! I won't tell people how good my bags are, but if my friend helps on the stall with me she tells eveyone how wonderful they are and demonstrates how much they hold etc. Sooooo embarrassing! But it works!
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      Awww I can so sympathise!
      My second booking which just happened to be at my mums last year, we got there the night before and I set everything up cos I couldn't wait, then during the night hubby has an asthma attack, and I end up down a&e for several hours!!
      Thankfully in the end everything was fine except for serious sleep deprivation,but the best laid plans and all that...
      Hope (and I'm sure it will be ) everything is a success for you, as I have found a lot of the time my stuff sells itself with little help from me,
      Best of luck
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        What a day to get a nasty bug! You must feel terrible.

        <<<big hugs to you>>> cyber hugs of course so we don't catch it.

        Hopefully your sister will do you proud - after all, she must be a fan to be having a party for you. Wishing you lots of luck.

        If you don't feel any better tomorrow then take something for it to prevent dehydration - its no fun getting over the bug in the first place then feeling rotten for another few days cos you're dehydrated with all the liquid you've lost.
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          awww poor you, we all had this bug and it's chuffing horrible

          pepto bismol helps no end , it got be back on my feet and off the loo,lol.

          I'm sure your sis in law will a fab job of selling your designs
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            Well, thats more sympathy than my other half gave me! He slept in my daughters room last night and admitted that he heard me being sick and crying several times but didnt come through to see if i was ok !!!! gggrrrr. He's para about catching it ! ha ha

            And if nothing else..... at least i'll have lost a few pounds



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              Yuck miserable and really bad timing. Sure your SIL will do her very best for you (she'll probably go for the sympathy vote) and there's nothing you can do but sit back and wait for the outcome. It could have been worse, you may have had to cancel completely.


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                what awfull timing hope things go ok xx

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                  Yes I agree with the Recycled Bag lady, I am hopeless at selling 'myself' at craft fairs & get embarrased when people compliment my work but if my Mother in Law is there she will rave about my stuff to people & say how good it is. Maybe I should do a sales course! Get well soon......




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                    so how did it go ????
                    hope you're feeling better
                    its our first card and gift party today and I'm feeling sick , I'm not ill just sooooooooooooooooooooo nervous


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                      It went really well!!!

                      I made £270 plus about £50 in orders!!! Im well chuffed! Thats so much more than i expected! woo hoo

                      Let me know how your card party go's sunrise!



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                        Hope you're feeling better today snowf. I swear by Imodium instants, bung you up for a couple of days but it gets rid of that sicky feeling too. How did it go?
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                          Originally posted by SNOWF1975 View Post
                          It went really well!!!

                          I made £270 plus about £50 in orders!!! Im well chuffed! Thats so much more than i expected! woo hoo
                          That's good news - makes up for the ick!
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                            didn't do as well as you but
                            we took £130 but that was £130 more than I thought we would lol
                            got a couple of people who took leaflets about having a party at their own house and a few people bought cards that I didnt' think would so our little business is growing nicely


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                              well done sunrise!!! Thats one thing i didnt do... i didnt have leaflets to advertise parties! Doh!