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Book - Jewellery Making, Jinks McGrath

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  • Book - Jewellery Making, Jinks McGrath

    I ordered this book and another wire book from amazon and its made me really want to start my silversmith course. It also however has made me realise how many tools i need!!! I look at the stuff im making at the moment and it looks so boring and simple. Its not proper jewellery design!

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    My friend makes jewellery and has now concentrated her work on swarovski. She did a one day silversmith course though but I think she said she couldn't do it herself because of the cost of the tools etc. Would you recommend this book for her, in case she did decide to take it up? What does it cover? I am thinking xmas!!!
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      Its a right mixture of stuff. Pretty in depth too, a lot of information crammed in. Much better than the wire beading book i got.

      There are 3 chapters to it. Getting started goes on about all the tools and work benches and stones etc and also about inspiration for designs. Chapter 2 is techniques. Its the biggest chapter. Measuring, piercing, cleaning, bending, cutting, joining, filling, polishing, drilling, casting, hammering, stone setting and wire work to name a few

      Last chapter are projects to do.

      So its a good book. I cant do much about it now though as i dont have any tools...nor money
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        I have this one a little older but a good clear layout .

        I also lke this one I got it from the library.
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          Handcrafted: have you looked into the courses at North Glasgow College? I'm sure they used to do one that ran on one morning a week when I was doing the HND. It would be on the jewellery making side as opposed to actual silversmithing which has much heavier and larger equipment


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            I would strongly recommend this book for a beginner as it is very easy to understand.


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              Im starting a 10 week evening course after christmas at Leith Acadamy. Im not sure what itl be like but its hte beginner silversmithing course and they have a advanced one i can do after the summer.

              I thought about the Glasgow one but its a little too far away
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                I have 2 books by jinks, I dont have a vast box of spe******t tools I have hammers I use just for silver that I have spent time smoothing and polishing so as not to mar the work, my sand bag is home made from a leather coat I got from a car boot sale for a couple of quid and some sand from the local builders merchant spread on a tray dried out in front of the fire, my bench block is a 8 x 8 x 1 1/2 steel off cut from a local engineering company who weighed it and charged me less than £5 but I did have to sit with it on my lap while watching tv one night with a pile of wet and dry to get the face up on it. my formers are made from hard wood I cut and shaped I know they wont last but hopefully by the time they wear out I will be established well enough to buy proper ones if you are on a tight budget it is surprising what you can make yourself