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  • First set up help

    I wondered if anyone had any advice regarding purchasing stall display equipment?

    I need to get some and don't want to buy the wrong thing. It could be an expensive mistake.

    Thanks Tanja

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    the best buy I made was a revolving earring display ( well it did revolve till i dropped it,lol) I sold very few earrings before I bought it and now they sell quite well.

    I display my bracelets on small leather busts and also paperweights , If you can sew you could make your own small velvet cushions to drape bracelets etc doesn't have to be expensive to have an eye catching display
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      I have just bought a revolving earring stand and a revolving necklace stand. (I have been using cork boards before this, they get their first outing on Saturday)

      I also have some busts, and a bracelet T bar.

      But I also use mug trees for bracelets, little wicker baskets for some stuff, and my grandma made me some boards years ago, they are rectangular, with some kind of padding and then are covered in velvet/velour and edged with braid, I use those laid out on the table.