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Getting pendants to 'lie' right?

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  • Getting pendants to 'lie' right?

    Hi there.
    I'm wondering if there is a better way to get pendants to lie right.
    I've a few large glass heart beads with the hole running from top to bottom, and I have been putting a head pin through them and them turning a loop at the top which I then close directly over my tigertail etc. But sometimes the hole in the bead is quite large and the headpin kind of 'rattles' about in the bead and it just doesn't sit right on the stringing material. Is there a better way of hanging these kinds of large pendant beads? How do you use bails, and is there a way of attaching a bail to one of these drilled beads somehow?
    Many thanks for your input.

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    Why don't you try putting some seed beads inside the hole? It will make your bead sit nicely and you can use whatever seed bead size fits better.
    As for bails, they usually fit at the top when the bead has both holes at the top, can't personally see how you can fit a bail if the holes go from top to bottom.
    Someone else may have better suggestions, though.
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      I agree I have certainly found that If I put a smaller bead inside the larger bead it tends to hold the larger bead still.


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        Swarovski crystals (bicone) work well with lampwork as they sort of fir onto the hole and stop the bead rattling.

        ooh, and they are purdy... sparkle, sparkle!


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          there is a finding called " add a bead "its thicker than a pin and has a screw top, so you can even swop pendants.its ideal for large hole beads


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            I do the same as most on here, I normally put a Swarovski crystal on the headpin first then the pendant and then lots of seed beads which fall into the pendant hole, I then add another crystal.....stays still and sits perfect.
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              Using small beads or crimps, 2 on the headpin works, or a bead just bigger than the hole, top and bottom curling the headpin to hold them tight.
              Another way is to twist a Z shape into the headpin so the Z is in the middle of the pendant, it springs against the hole walls to stop the pendant turning, its the cheapest way if a bit tricky at first.


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                adding a 4mm crystal bicone to top and bottom usually does the trick

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