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    Im asking for some new tools for my Xmas and i was wondering whats the best ones to get. The ones i have are absolute rubbish and were probably a budget buy (i got them free!). They have thin handles and hurt my hands. And the 2 metal strips that keep the tools open and totally gubbed!

    saw these ones and wondered if anyone else had tried them? I liked the think handles....

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    My tools are a mixture of cheapies, Beadsmith and Beadalon. Can't say I've been disappointed with any of them.

    I do like the look of those as the handle does look quite substantial - my bent nose pliers have handles like that but they are one of my cheap buys.

    Just don't go for the "mini" tools as they are so small they're only good for children with tiny hands!

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      They look similar to the half rounds I have at which case, they're very good. Springs do my head in though, I usually take them out off the pliers although leave them in the snips/shears. I usually make sure that the points are thin enough as a lot of the poorer makes that I've seen have very chunky boss always borrows my pliers as his are too thick