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  • Panic!

    I haven't posted much since I joined a few weeks ago.

    I have made a few more simple things and I will add a few pics in the next few days.

    My sister was home from England and she liked what I have made and wants me to make a few small things for presents for Christmas - some ribbon book marks I haven't made yet, and some bracelets for teens/tweenies.

    I am really scared though of making stuff for other people. I have only done it for fun - what if I make it and it all falls apart?

    Also I have no real idea how to price things and I have no idea how to organise my beads into categories, if you know what I mean.

    I have told her I will give it a try and she can see if she likes the outcomes.

    I plan to make an elasticated bracelet for the tweenie and have an idea in leather for the teenager.

    But I have only been doing this a few weeks. I am panicing slightly.

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    Don't panic wew have all been there and are here to help. We all have doubts about things falling apart etc, with the elasticated bracelet add beading glue over the knot, this gives it extra strength.

    With prices normally work out the cost of the materials then add your time (worked at an hourly rate) then add profit. It is not always easy to do this as you have to make sure you do not overprice an item. Look at the final total and see if this looks good or not, again always check with us and we will tell you.

    Good Luck and welcome to hours of happy crafting


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      We do this for a living, and costing is the hardest part when first starting out
      Cost your materials then x by three, add on a price per hour (we work at £10 per hour, but we are quick workers)
      Then take a look at the price, and think what you would pay for it, and alter it to suit
      Do not make the common mistake of under valueing your work, it is something special after all
      Be confident, there is nothing worse than giving your price then hearing the "oo I expected twice that"


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        I have added a few pics toanalbum, but I am afraid they are not very good atm. It is hard totake good photographs.

        Thank you for the advice.

        I am also struggling with sizes for adult and childrens elasticated bracelets, as people are obviously so different.


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          I like your stuff, especially the flower necklace and the mixed bracelet.
          Most ladies wear about a 7 1/2 inch size but larger ladies will be up to 8 1/2. If you have very chunky beads you will need to make the bracelets a bit bigger to compensate. Children vary a bit, do you have any children nearby the same age that you could check sizes with?



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            Good luck with everything, you will be just fine with all the great advice in this place! honey b, dont worry be happy !


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              I have added a two more picsof 2 baraclets I have made today.

              The orange and green one is an adult bracelet - I have priced it at about £9.75. The little one with the lucky charm is a childs, and I have priced it about £6.75.

              Does that seem too much?


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                BTW I have made a few adjustments to the lucky one to tidy it up and make it sit better.