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5mm Swarovski Bicones x100

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  • 5mm Swarovski Bicones x100

    Does anyone know the best and cheapest place to get 5mm Swarovski Bicones in 100's??!

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    I use the Bead Shop in Nottingham. If you order the before 1pm there is a good chance it will arrive by tomorrows post.
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      i read a thread on here yest about this. have a hunt and see if yuou can find it. It had loads of suggestions.


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        Try Jillybeads and mail-orderbeads too!
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          Jillybeads is great.

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            I use Caron at Nosek's for most of my swarovski crystals.


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              If I'm buying more than 100 I use Jules Gems, if less then I use Mailorder-beads. Both give really good service and usually next day if ordered by 1pm.
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                I use Bead Solutions (Based in Devon) and also a chap off ebay. I think its brooke235 (thats his shop name)

                Here is a listing number to one of his items for 5mm swarovski 220293401784

                He is very cheap and even though abroad, he is very quick with delivery - takes just over a week sometimes less than that. I use him a lot for 5mm.

                He is worth using.
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                  The seller on ebay is bookee235, an excellent a reliable seller, I have used them many times myself.
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                    Anyone heard of beadgems on ebay?

                    I need at least 36 4mm bicones in various colour choices to make some snowflakes, want to get them asap. Bookee 235 is great but I can't wait for delivery from there. Has anyone heard of this seller beadgems on ebay? They are claiming to do champagne coated, titan blue coated and chili pepper coated swarovski amongst other things, I have never heard of this. Are they genuine products? Don't mean to sound mistrusting but the plans I have for my snowflakes need to make sure they are the real thing!
                    Thanks in advance
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                      I am sure that I have heard of the Chilli coating, so I think they are real coatings, and if I remember right, there have been some new coatings this year.
                      I have ordered from Beadgems in the past and have always found their prices and service very good.


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                        Brilliant!thank you.
                        They have some auctions ending today so I'm keeping a close eye!
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                          I know absolutely nothing about beads etc but you might want to check if the ebay beadgems are anything to do with this company
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