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Charm bracelet help? Stuck....

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  • Charm bracelet help? Stuck....

    I bought a few silver plated charm bracelets with toggle clasps just ready to add beads and charms onto, but I can't get them to lie right.
    I have been using beads on a headpin which I am then making a loop in the end and simply closing the loop onto the chain of the bracelet. It just doesn't look or lie right. Should I put all the dangles at the same side of the chain (looking at the chain as it lies flat), or do you alternate sides?

    Stuck here! Thought it would look nice but I'm a bit disappointed in the final result. How does everyone else do these?
    Thanks for your input.

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    I usually put them all on the same side of the chain, unless I am really loading it up.

    I also close the loops on the pins and attach the pins to the chain with jump rings, I find that allows the 'charms' to dangle and move better.

    My other half also bought me a chain sta, the thing with the long poles that you attach each end of the chain to and it holds it for you while you decorate the chain, it was the best £8 he has ever spent on me, sure makes it easier to work with both hands!

    Hope this has helped.


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      Personally I keep them the same side and attach with small jump rings it seems to fit the best
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        I'm with Ren on this one - all on the same side and use a jumpring.

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          Yep me too! All on the same edge of the links.
          To get it to hang right, could you maybe hang the bracelet around something like the top of a vase, or a willing helper's wrist, so that you can place them and see where they will fall
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            Another vote for them all on the same side here!

            I don't always use jumprings, it depends on how 'clustered' I wnat the bracelet to look, for a really clustered one I'll just open the loop and add the bead/charm straight onto the bracelet.

            I find curb chain with 5 or 6mm links works best for clustered charm bracelets, and 7 or 8m links for bracelets with less (or very large) charms.


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              i too use jump rings in most cases as i find the charms hang better. As for which side to hang them on,i think i will sit on the fence on this one because i think both can look goom depending on how its done,the look you are going for and personal preference!
              Good luck with the bracelet
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                I make alot of fully loaded style charm bracelets and find it's best to fill just one side and layer the beads and charms.

                If the bead or charm is light a simple loop is fine to attach it to the chain ,a jumpring can be used but these can come loose with wear.
                Heavier beads and charms really need to be wire wrapped straight onto the chain to stop the wire opening .

                And somthing like a helping hands stand is a godsend, it means you can sit back and see how the bracelet is progressing ,and add or remove beads etc that don't look right

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