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  • i`m stuck

    hi, i have some lentil (flatties) beads that i would like to use in a bracelet but no matter what spacer beads i use the thread hole is still visable. it just doesn`t look nice . are there bead caps for this shape of bead ,or any suggestions would be welcome.
    thanks sally

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    Yes, You can get lentil shaped bead caps. I will try to remember where I bought mine.


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      I just googled "lentil bead cap" and there were a few that came up but I didn't look to see if there were any UK suppliers.

      Would the bead bumpers that Beadalon make be any good?

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        thanks Amethyst that would be great if you could remember. your bracelet is beautiful as is your jewellery in your album.

        auntynet, i will do a bit of googling and see what i can find, and also check out the bead bumpers.
        thanks for your help


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          How about making your own bead cap

          Using 18 Guage wire, about 5cm should do it, start a swirl around round nose pliers and keep swirling until you reach the end of your wire. (does that make ANY sense at all?)

          You can then bend it around your bead to make it fit, you could probably also make an oval shaped bead cap using this method....... I say probably, i've never tried!


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            Thank you! Still looking, found these but they are in the USA:


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              heres some ! but they all seem to be sterling silver. no plated




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                Originally posted by Amethystjewellery View Post
                Thank you! Still looking, found these but they are in the USA:
                I think that this is probably where I bought my supplies from a couple of years ago.
                Have never seen any in silver plate though.


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                  If you're after Silver Plated, I have an adjusted bead cap.

                  You can manipulate the petals to fit the shape you're using.

                  I seen photos where people have used these on lentil beads, so maybe worth considering,

                  You'll find them listed on the site under 'Silver Plated findings'

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                    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post, so bear with me if I say something stupid.

                    I recently made a necklace with lentil beads and used very fine filligree round bead caps, which I then bent around the end of the beads, it worked very well. Sorry I can't post a picture I don't think I'm allowed to do that yet.

                    Hope that helps

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