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Boxes/packaging - what do you use/spend on yours?

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  • Boxes/packaging - what do you use/spend on yours?

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    Don't actually post anything myself, but I'm affiliated with the Jersey Craft Shop, who are just getting into selling online now.

    At the moment they gift-pack some of their handmade soaps in pillow boxes (from The Bag N Box Man - can't post links yet, but google will help you out there) - these are actually quite attractive once labelled, and good for anything that is not too fragile (my opinion anyway).

    Ironically they also use organza bags (and now sell them on their own, due to demand) - and have had really good feedback on them - especially when they contain a 'lucky elephant'!

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      I don't make jewellery, but I do package all my items. Obviously making cards and wedding accessories means they don't get packed in a box, but making the extra effort really pays off. My cards are wrapped in tissue paper, and my boxes are wrapped in tissue paper, and have scrunched up tissue paper inside with dried lavender sprinkled over the top. I find that most customers really appreciate the extra time that goes into this, as most of them email me back once they have recieved it raving about the packing as much as the actual item.
      I know it costs more, but if you can find a good supplier and make the package a little extra special most customers do appreciate it
      Hope that helps a little
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        Hi ya

        I use organza bags, not the dirt cheap ones on ebay but the middle of the range and these go down very well they look pretty when they are small.

        Not sure I would put bigger items in one though

        I had the same dilema as you and in the end I felt my head would explode!!! lol
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          Have you thought about making little pillow boxes and wrapping your items in tissue paper and puting them into the pillow boxes. You can download a free template for the pillow box on the net and adjust to to any size you need.

          Keep the design on the pillow box simple and effective and that's a great suggestion from xrheax to sprinkle a little something nice inside too.
          This should keep your cost way down


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            I've had this problem as well. I've gone with a company called Dahlinger, partly due to the fact I know one of the reps and can count on him to be discreet as far as my full time job employers are concerned I was a bit embarrassed to be going for one of the cheaper boxes but to be honest, it was more the look I was wanting anyway. They do another range at much the same price which looked classier but for my pieces, I wanted slightly funky and modern
            These were chosen after many hours of scouring the net. For my little charms, I got velvet drawstring bags from ebay. They arrived today Hopefully, they should be the same colour as my boxes....or near enough anyway.


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              I sell my jewellery at craft fairs and I use pillow boxes, mainly cos they take up hardly any room and can't get crushed. I have some plain black ones and put a heart or flower hologram sticker on one corner.
              I also have organza bags and some really tiny suedette bags that are perfect for earrings.



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                I used to get my boxes printed but the company I used went bust. I then bought purple boxes from the Jewellery Display Company. Although they're cardboard, they're quite good quality and the colour's nice. I only use them for anything costing £30 or over or for sending things in the post. Anything cheaper goes in an organza bag which I get off e-bay. People seem to like them and I get more comments about them than about the boxes. I also do a range of really cheap stuff as stocking fillers. These go into a cellophane bag with a piece of coloured card inside and a label with my company name on the back. People like them cos they can root through the box.
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                  [quote=waitingformagic;137350]Oh that is awesome. I actually hate lavender so although I'd hate the smell, I'd love the thought! It's like Disney Store putting those shiny red Mickey heads inside their boxes!

                  I'm definitely going to be trying to think up something like this. I may be billing you for adding yet more expense to my already crushed budget

                  I sometimes use confetti as well, but it's plastic and I'm a bit of an eco warrior so try my hardest not to use it. I also use dried rosebuds and dried petals! You can get big bags and you would only need to sprinkle a tiny bit, so your budget wouldn't suffer too much
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                    At fairs, I don't pack items unless someone asks for it, and then I use a thin plastic bag. Posting stuff, I wrap in recycled bubblewrap & jiffi-bags.

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                      I have had the same problem at you - what is best!?!. For all my bridal pieces as they are expensive I use high quality boxes, acid free tissue paper and anti tarnish tabs - some of my tiaras are £200.00 so I go all out on packaging... spe******t box bags the works.

                      With my new venture - fashion jewellery I wrap all bracelets and earrings in acid free tissue paper and then put them into organza bags. I originally bought a load of good quality plain black boxes from Glitzy Pacaking and was going to box everything....I then sat and worked out my costs and my profit (I do this full time for a living) and I was eating into my low profits with just packaging. I try to offer a budget range upwards...especially with the current financial market.

                      I have now done it that all cheaper end items (earrings and bracelets) for cheaper lines go into the organza bags and necklaces are boxed in black boxes. With an option to upgrade to a stylish box at a small charge.

                      For my more expensive Sterling Silver Ranges I box as I feel the customer is buying a permium item then they get premium packaging.

                      I think it depends on what you are charging for your items - if you make a bracelet say silver plated at £7.00 then use an organza bag...if you think of your costs, materials and time making you are on minimum margins!! is there any budget for a box!

                      For my Solid Sterling Bracelets etc that are between £30 - £50.00 then I think they need to be boxed as your customer deserve that bit extra as they are paying a lot of money for a sahion piece.

                      I use nice quality organza bags and all the colours are different as they all match my logo. I have never had anyone say they dont like how they receive them.

                      I clearly state my packaging details on my website and I give my customers the chance to upgrade if they wish! Maybe do the same as me and package lower prices items in organza bags - necklaces in boxes (so they sit nicely) and higher end items in luxury boxes.

                      Give your customers the choice, if people know clearly how you package and give them an upgrade service say £1.00 for box, customers will make there own minds up.

                      How I see and I dont know what you sell or your jewellery is every where, you can buy it in the supermarket and the put it in a carrier bag! dosn't stop us buying it.
                      If you want high premium expensive items then you go more upmarket where you know the item will be packaged accordingly. If you bought a diamond ring you would expect it to be boxed and well a £5.00 bracelet then I do not have any expectations on packaing. If I was to buy a bracelet costing that and I received it wrapped in tissue paper and inside a pretty keepsake bag I would be happy, I would think they have taken care of doing that for a fashion peice.

                      Its all personal preference and budget and what you are charging for your jewellery.

                      I hope you sort it all out.

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                        I make the boxes I need for my items. I managed to pick up a roll of quite substantial card, the inside of the lid has my name and contact details The latter ones being embossed with embossing powder and a heat gun, looks so classy. The first few boxes I made was a trial of measuring and cutting but I have it down to a fine art now, I have not worked out how much each box costs