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Where To Buy A Ring Sizing Stick

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  • Where To Buy A Ring Sizing Stick

    I was just wondering if anyone could point me to a site where I can buy a ring sizing stick,this may be called something else in the jewellery world,but you know what I mean.The long stick that tapers and has different sizes on it for making rings.
    I have just started to make rings and at the moment are all the same size as my thickest permenent marker which is my make do sizer ,so if you have fatter or thinner fingers there is no chance for you.Well all crafters have to improvise don't they!!!!!!LOL.
    I even used my partners fingers as templates and what a site when I placed rings on all of his fingers,maybe I'll go for bells on his toes heeeheee.
    Hope you ar all having a chillout day
    Take Care
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    Here you go...................


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      I got mine from here... (thier site is down as I am posting this so you may want to give it an hour or so)

      It only cost about £15 and I also got an aluminium ring gauge for measuring people fingers from the same place, I think that was only £6 or so. It is the cheapest place I have seen them and it is very good! They also have a reasonably cheap postage rate and very quick delivery.
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        Hi try these on ebay

        they have loads of different things.
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          Those aluminium sticks are ok for measuring rings on but you can't really use it as a mandrel for hammering on. You'll need a steel mandrel for that.
          Best wishes


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            Only problem with steel mandrels is that the rings can get stuck on the grooves or the grooves can mark the rings.
            If you are fussy for quality, I would go for the Wheatsheaf brand as they are generally the best, ie most accurate. We've been through various ring sticks at work as some don't measure the same as others but Wheatsheaf are fairly consistent.


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              A mandrell isn't the same as a ring sizer.

              We have a steel mandrell without any markings for hammering and a plastic ring sizer for sizing. The steel one I won in an auction on ebay along with a few other jeweller's tools that are quite old but so much better than the stuff that is sold now. Plastic ones only cost a few pounds on ebay.
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                Originally posted by teallach View Post
                Only problem with steel mandrels is that the rings can get stuck on the grooves or the grooves can mark the rings.

                I dont have grooves on any of mine just smooth shiney steel bars of different sizes


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                  I have a steel mandrel I bought ages ago with no markings but I have put a few lines with a permanent marker on it from a small & medium child's size and medium & large ladies.
                  I make loads of those 'belly button' style twist rings - often while they wait and have got quite good at judging sizes though.



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                    I have a Steel marked triblet which is another name for a mandrel.

                    It's marked with letters, numbers and rings to show ring size. So far when using silver I've not seen any marks being transferred to the inside of the ring.

                    I only thing I have to remember is to turn the ring around when increasing it’s size to keep the ring true. i.e not wider on one side.
                    Did make the mistake of going for the cheaper option of hardwood for a bangle mandrel, but its to soft and dents far to easy.