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Web Shops, Open House and any other ideas....

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  • Web Shops, Open House and any other ideas....

    Hello everyone!

    Just trying to think of ways to branch out and dont really want to use ebay for selling things! Is there any online shops people use?

    Also i'm holding a jewellery party for friends and family etc, was thinking of having an open house, put posters around my village- is this a good idea?

    Any other ideas i could try!?

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    I'm thinking of the same thing with the open house idea - I want to try and get some other people involved with different crafts too so that they can tell people they know and people will hopefully want to come more if there is more to see!


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      I love my open house. (as it seems do the people who come to it.) Every year they ask me when is it.
      I have little fliers to carry around and hand out to everyone I see. I accost people in the playground, contact all my local clients, posters in the local villages etc.
      I also have a free prize draw and everyone enters their email addresses so that I can then email them the following year to tell them it's on.
      I put notices in the church news letter and basically swamp everyone with the news that it is happening.
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        On the on-line shop front - Etsy and DaWanda are definately worth a try. I have had more sales through Etsy but DaWanda is Europe based and free to list (at the moment). I have recently given up my Ebay shop as the changes they recently brought in made it unfeasable even though I had built up a 300+ positive rating. Etsy and DaWanda are much nicer !
        Good luck with your open house.
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