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How to handle crimps?

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  • How to handle crimps?

    Hi all. I actually have a question for you beaders/jewellery makers out there. We have been busily assembling our bits that involves putting beads etc on to a thread. My problem is that, well lets just say that my fingers weren't made for piano playing and not for nothing am I known as banana fingers. The crimps to secure the thread seem to spend more time on the floor than in between my fingers. I damp my fingers first but they still fly out like a tomato pip. Is this just an occupational hazard that gets better with time, or is there a secret knack? Real Glow-In-The-Dark decorations

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    Yes it happens ! Often, I spread mine out on a bead mat (which stops them rolling around) then poke the wire/thread through them before lifting them to crimp - that way I dont have to handle them so much and send them pinging everywhere!


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      Thank you both for the help. Will try both things to see if they improve my loss rate. I do seem to be getting better at it, but this job is definitely suited to a small child with dextrous fingers and good eyes, not an overweight 47 year old with ham fists. As some once said, it is better to journey in hope than to arrive ( someone else who deserves a kicking) Real Glow-In-The-Dark decorations


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        It's not just for those with dainty hands, I'm a 53 year old builder with hands like coal shovels and a trapped nerve causing reduced feeling in my left hand. I find seed beading very relaxing mind you I have to put my glasses on to see where the hole is especially size 15s. As said if you tip some beads and the crimps on your bead mat and spear them it reduces the tendency for them to ping off in all directions