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Clasps... To toggle or to box?

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  • Clasps... To toggle or to box?

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    Hi there - I've never used a box clasp myself, but I do have a bracelet from my Nan which has one.

    And I can't wear it 'cause the clasp doesn't stay closed !

    I've heard people say box clasps aren't as strong as lobsters - of course, this is a very old bracelet I'm talking about so they could well be much stronger these days..?

    I have, on the other hand, used toggles a few times and really like them. Although in saying that, I had one client who asked me to take off the toggle on a bracelet and put on a bolt ring.

    Each to their own, I guess !!!
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      I've used box clasps before and toggles.
      I find that with toggles, they only work if the bracelet is fairly tight around the wrist. if it's too loose, then the toggle can work free. This is a disadvantage unless you are making for a specific person and can size the bracelet accordingly.
      with boxclasps, some are really tiny and dainty and would not be suitable for chunky bracelets. there are clasps that work similar to box clasps but require that one end is twisted into the other. (They were used a lot as fastenings on pearls in the past). The benefit of these, is that should they work loose, the hang onto each other.
      my personal preference is lobster clasps with extender chains as they offer so much flexibility whilst remaining secure.
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        I do like a nice toggle clasp. The ones iv been using so far seem to be fine. Lobsters are more secure though.

        I bought these lovely leaf clasps but they are just useless! I have loads of them but they are so fiddly. You need to shove a hook into the leaf.
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          I use lobster clasps on most necklaces (I sometimes use magnetic clasps) as you can use two hands to fasten it. For bracelets I use mainly toggle clasps and magnetic clasps, I get so frustrated when trying to put a bracelet on that has a lobster clasp and there is no one else about to help! Some bracelets are a little bit stiff so you end up chasing it around your wrist lol

          The toggles that I bought from my local bead shop work fine and I have never had one open whilst I have been wearing it. The only thing is that you can't make a bracelet bigger or smaller with a toggle clasp, which doesn't seem to cause too much problem and some people really don't like extender chains.

          I think it is definately each to their own.
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            no not barrels. I personally think they look cheap.

            The clasps I mean are
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              one part is u shaped. the other has a series of posts around the edge.
              the U part is slid around the end post and then clicked into place. Should it unclick for any reason it stays put because the U is now a n.

              Now that doesn't even seem to make sense to me.
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                Right, I'll try again.

                look at the clasp on the right. You can currently see the two parts. The decorative outer case and the hook part.

                The hook part is a U form. currently on the picture it is lying east facing.

                you push it so that the bottom of the u touches the decoartive part and then slide it north and then finally click it south where it locks.

                To open, you pinch the two visable parts of the U.

                Is that even more confusing?
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                  In my designs I use both toggles and lobsters and I don't really have a preference between them.

                  I really don't like box clasps so I never use them unless a customer requests them specifically - I just don't think they are safe and this is backed up by the number of re-strings I do for customers bringing in pearl necklaces with broken clasps.

                  A lot of the older ladies (usally with arthritis in their fingers) ask for barrel clasps which I do have but I personally just don't get on with them so I only use those when asked.

                  I've recently found a very good magnetic clasp and they've been selling well with the customers even though they aren't cheap compared to barrel clasps.

                  I really do think its all down to personal choice - whether its your choice or the customer's.

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                    Not a big fan of toggle fastenings due to the fact they fall apart too easily. It can sometimes be fixed by making the ring smaller. I do have to say though, that I am about to put together a necklace which uses a t-bar fastening but the ring part of it is actualy a piece of agate
                    Box snaps are usually more expensive and only suit certain style of chain, they can also be a bit fiddly to put on. And the other thing is that in silver, they don't hold their tension very well and so need to be tightened frequently....fine if you have a pair of pliers handy, but not much good otherwise


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                      well, i LOVE toggle clasps and i really think that they can add to the design of a piece. Personally, i love the chunky thick plain toggle clasps



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                        Thought I'd better add that I didn't mean to sound rude about not liking them! I like the idea and I'm prepared to use them, just lost track of the amount I've either had to change to other fittings or added safety chains to!


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                          I have found that people prefer toggle clasps on bracelets because they can then put them on one-handed. Haven't had any problems with them coming undone. It really is down to what your customer prefers. If you make a selection of both you are sure to keep everyone happy


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                            I used a box clasp on Wendy's necklace (in my photo album), I don't think anything else would look right. I think that the type of clasp used is depending on the style of necklace or bracelet. in my work box I have a selection so I can hold each one in place and decide which looks best