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Any good Jewellery Findings Wholesalers out there

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  • Any good Jewellery Findings Wholesalers out there


    Been making jewellery for about a year now and I'm on the lookout for some new suppliers.

    If anyone knows of any good ones, please let me know.

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    Nice site - bead seller

    Hi There, I just checked out your site, you have some lovely jewellery. I just wanted to direct you to mine also as I sell focal beads that may be of interest to you, and am currently running a buy one get one free offer until Sunday. All my beads are for 2 strand jewellery making, please check it out if interested

    Many Thanks


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      Thank you for your lovely comments about my site. Have had a look at your beads and I'm very interested in ordering. There's just one problem - there are too many to choose from!!

      Will make up my mind shortly and place an order.

      Thank you again

      Avon Rep Crafter!
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        I've looked at your site too. Some very nice pieces!

        If you want Wholesale then I would recommend PJ Minerals, or else order beads from India and Thailand, not as hard as you might think, but you do have to order quite a bit as the postage is expensive as beads etc are heavy.

        I'm sure there is a wholesaler in Bucks, near Amersham, but I can't remember the name, sorry. i used to live in Wooburn Green, lovely part of the world you live it


        For all your Precious Metal Clay and jewellery making supplies.


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          Thank you for all your wonderful comments and help.

          I was very worried about designing and creating my own website, but you've put my mind at rest.

          Thank you too, Bumblebeadz - placed my order the other day and they've already arrived - absolutely wonderful!

          Thank you

          Avon Rep Crafter!
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            Hi There
            I'm new to this forum and would like to introduce myself. My name is Alison, I import precious and semi precious gemstone beads. I sell retail and wholesale in various quantities.
            If I can be of help to anyone, please give me a shout.
            Many Thanks
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              Re: Any good Jewellery Findings Wholesalers out there

              I use PJ Minerals too but they got really busy recently and my order took two weeks to come - they did mention delays on their website.
              As for India and Thailand, indeed you can find wholesalers but they request you buy very large quantities so I've not ordered anything yet. I am also a bit wary about tax. If anyone got any advice about buying in these countries, it would be great.
              A good way to find wholesalers in the UK is to attend bead fairs, I think. There aren't that many up North, and they get soooo busy, but definitely worth visiting!
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                Hiya- if its findings you're looking for - as opposed to beads - you should try cooksons, - they've got a great selection, you can buy online and they're based in Birmingham. they also do Sterling silver and gold beads and spacer beads. - also sell findings and beads but they're not wholesale so a bit more expensive - but not much.
                hope this helps, Nicola


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                  I don't know about them, but you could always buy off me!!

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                    Originally posted by Maria
                    Nice store you got there utopiapoppy but I didn't find the earrings I wanted to buy. should offer a lot of documentation which would appeal to the shoppers and this way everybody would be happy. As long as I find good tips on jewelry shopping, I would gladly visit their site and even buy from one of their affiliate, be that Mondera, Diamonds USA or any other reliable merchant suggested by anyone on this forum.
                    And is this your first purchase of jewelry online?


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                      I'm guessing that people on this forum tend to make their own jewellery - as opposed to buying it ready-made (?) But I like
                      - worth a look anyway


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                        What a pity, apparently the website Nicola mentioned is down…


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                          By the way, how to make sure that the jewelry website is not a fraud?


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                            what do you mean by fraud? Its a proper company I've bought from them - dunno why the site isn't running


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                              Sorry - a bit defensive of me! off course thats what she meant. Yes, Maria, I would look up in a directory as well