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Can I ask a very basic question?

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  • Can I ask a very basic question?

    I am new to all this for anyone who hasn't encountered me yet.

    I can make loops with headpins for beads that are drilled top to bottom and put a jumpring on to attach to chain etc.

    What do I do however with a bead that is drilled back to front, or side to side. Is there some way of making a loop for these?

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    Hello honeyb, many people use a length of wire to thread through the holes then cross over the ends, bend one piece up 'straight' & make a loop, then wrap the other around the 'stem' you have created (hope that makes sense!). I found an easier way is to use a (thin) eyepin like this: thread the bead on then thread the tail end through the 'eye', gently pull through & up to get in the right position, trim slightly, then make a loop as you would normally.


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      Can't offer you any advice but I was intereseted in what the answer was going to be as a came across the same problem a few weeks ago.

      Funny though I did exactly as beadsbylili has described in her 2nd method. Must have been some crafty intuition that I knew what to do! lol



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        Use a length of wire about 10cm long and bend a right angle in it at about the halfway point, thread the bead on and bend the wire up to meet the other wire so it crosses over, then wrap it round.

        Make a wrapped loop in the other end of the wire and you're ready to go

        hope this helps