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Caught the jewellery making bug

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  • Caught the jewellery making bug

    I am new here and have been reading for a week or two.

    My daughter decided she wanted to make some bracelets at her birthday party, so I said I would look into it.

    As it was quite costly, I decided I would try and do it myself.

    So I bought lots of different bits and pieces - beads, charms, chain, jump rings, pins etc and I practiced.

    So today we had the party.

    I had prepared all the beads, charms and put the clasps on the chains etc to make charm bracelets. I let them pick what they like and I then made the bracelets up.

    It went really well and the charm bracelets turned out fantastically.

    Now however I have caught the bug and am thinking about my next project. I am thinking of making somelittle christmas presents.

    Where do people get the inspiration for the pieces they make however? I have some ideas, but am a bit scared about trying them out. I thought I would start small with some bag charms, kilt pin brooches etc.

    But I think I am scared to get started. Any tips?

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    Hi. I''m glad the party went well. If you want to make something else simple which you can do with your daughter, try some memory bracelets. Buy some memory wire and cut to the length you want (three or four coils usually) make a loop at one end thread on your beads and finish off with another loop. They look good but are quick to make and your daughter can help pick out the beads. Good luck.


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      Hello and welcome to our world. I'm sorry to tell you that there is no going back now you've been bitten by the crafting bug. But hey - we've all been bitten and we're not so bad . . . . . . . . honest!

      There are loads of threads on the forum where someone has asked a question "how to" and there is always someone (usually lots) that offer help and explanations.

      Beadsbylili does a lot of tutorials which you can find in the Youtube Experts Village (I think) and I'm sure she'll be along soon to point you in the right direction. If not, just PM her - she's very helpful.

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        Thanks for the advice - it is much appreciated.

        I spend hrs browsing bead websites .

        I have added a little pic - but please be gentle.

        This is the very first time I have done anything like this. The party was for 10 yr olds, and the picked their own charms and beads and I attached them.

        I think they enjoyed it though and the bright colours looked well.


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          Honey - you did those girls proud. The fact that they got to choose what they wanted and that someone actually took the time to make it for them goes a hell of a long way. Your daughter (and you) will have massive kudos for it. Well done.

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            Those are great and the charms and beads you've used are so pretty. Well done
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              Uh-oh... now you've done it...this beading thing is totally addictive! I cant see the pic for some reason but sounds like you had fun (great idea for a girls party!). When I started out I got inspiration from all over the place - books, mags, what was in shops & what people were wearing, birthdays, occasions and of course the beads themselves just create a picture in your mind once you start playing - have fun !!

              (BTW...thanks for mentioning the videos Auntynet )


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                Hello Honeyb to the forum

                The number of ideas I have had started, discarded and then redone, it is all a learning curve and we have all been there. Still have disasters now just jump in and give it a go.

                The memory wire bracelets are really easy and are very popular with the punters.

                Good Luck

                PS think the charm bracelets are lovely.


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                  The bracelets are pretty basic by most standards on here, but I wanted to keep it simple as I didn't know howlong it would take and so on.

                  The girls loved the bright colours though.

                  I lookedaround a lot of girly websites and found that there is lot of retro and kitsch jewellery on sale for preteens and teens, so I thoguht that was the way to go.

                  I found the most amazing website selling all kinds of things like that and got quite a few bits and pieces from them.

                  In the end, I still think it cost less than payingsomone to come in and do it for me.

                  In Northern Ireland craft parties haven't taken off as much, as they have on the mainland, so finding someone to comenad do a party would also have been quite difficult.

                  Thanks for the help and advice. I have been enjoying the forum very much.


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                    Hi Honeyb
                    A warm welcome , and there is no going back now that you have caught the bug.Your bank balanace won't like your new bug, but if you and your daughter can enjoy doing things together it's really worth it.
                    Have fun
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                      I just had a look at your pic. If that was your first attempt and at a birthday party for a group of girls... WELL DONE YOU.
                      Those really are a fantastic start,the only trouble is now that you really won't be able to stop!!!!
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                        I was my first attempt, but I had been practising makingloops withthe headpins etc before the party. I also prepared everything so that I only had to attach the charms.

                        I made the bracelets all one size but put a little bead on the end sothey could makethem tighter. If some of them were not big enough, I had extra links to add on.

                        The girls loved picking out the charms. At the end I put them in little bags, and put them in their party bag.

                        At my other daughter's birthday a few weeks ago we made girly chocolates using chocolate moulds. It was much more messy.


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                          The chocolate party sounds like fun. maybe I could make chocolate charms? what do you think girls? No? oh well it was only a thought... lol.

                          honeyb. you'll soon get like the rest of us. I sat today and just ran my fingers through a pot of beads until inspiration struck, I ended up with 1 necklace and 10 beaded bookmarks.
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                            When you're more confident you should start doing craft parties for other people - if no-one else around your area does them then you could just have found yourself a little niche in the market.

                            If you've got the hang of making the loops, then maybe you should try earrings next. Simple really with a few beads on a head pin then attached to earwires.

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                              Hello HoneyB and

                              It's lovely to hear about fellow Ulster folk here - am originally from Down but "emigrated" to Scotland 23 years ago.

                              I think you did really well for your daughter's party - fantastic idea, and you obviously planned it extremely well.

                              As AuntyNet said, this could be a whole new avenue opening up for you. My mum is still at home, says the same as you - that the craft scene there hasn't really taken off like here.

                              As for inspriation, just take it when it comes since you never know when it will strike. And don't be afraid - if you can do loops, you're well on your way. Don't be worried about having to re-make things either (I re-work pieces all the time, and think if all it costs me are couple of headpins, where's the harm?)

                              I hope you enjoy it here, and WELL DONE YOU !!!
                              With love,
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