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  • setting up a website

    Hi me again

    firstly I would like to thank everyone for all your helpful advice on my 1st jewellery stall.

    I have been thinking of names etc and have been selling via other websites which I am not sure if I am allowed to mentioned but would now like to set something up more official and wondered if any of you registered your names before setting up your websites and registered for tax etc. I have checked if the name i want has been used and it hasnt and i want to get cards and sign set up before my fete next friday to make the stall also look more official.

    thanks again for all your help your all fantastic

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    You have at least a month it may be 3 before you have to inform the inland revenue of your business. I was really nervous about doing that bit no idea why lol but they were really helpful and I was so glad to get it over with.
    Re the name thing I got my domain sorted before doing anything else I think, that way no one else can beat you to it and it is then up to you how you go ahead, it has taken me 3 years to get anything actually available on my site for various reasons but initiall I would say it makes sense to get the name, get a home page of sorts describing what people will find there as an when the time comes. I had queries on mine at least a year ago and those people are now my best customers!
    Best of luck
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      Yo0u have to register with the IR within 3 months of starting your business, nothing to worry about they are very helpful. If you go to the IR website you can download the necessary forms they also have some useful leaflets.

      I registered my domain name before I got the website up and running as Jacqui said this way you can safe guard your chosen title. There are several website software packages available, I use Sandvox but mainly because I use Apple computers, I have heard that Mr Site is good, I think there have been other links re Mr Site, may be worth doing a search.

      One tip not sure if you work or not but if you think your profit will be below i think about £3K maybe a bit more you can have an exception cert to not have to pay NI, this is valid for 3 years, obviously if things alter within this time you just let them know and opt into NI contributions.

      You can also get help and advice from Business Link, they have meetings periodically throughout the country that may be of interest such as marketing etc. There are also several women's networking groups again the one I go to Can Do Can Be has meetings once a month in a local hotel, again valuable, it also gives you a confidence boost, as does the forum here.

      Good Luck with your venture.


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        good advice in here thank you for that Ive just set up my own business after ebay having got too pricy x
        Ren x
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          When you register your domain name If you are from the UK make sure you register both the .com and (If they are available). Even if you use only one, it ensures that no other business can use the same name as you.