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Wire Guardians - A good idea ?

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  • Wire Guardians - A good idea ?

    Hi, I'm thinking about including wire guardians in my bracelet kits, I'm new to these little findings and so don't have any long term experience of them.
    I'd love to know if anyone has used them and what you think about them, they seem like a good idea so far ?

    Many thanks, Karen
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    Hi, I use them all the time, they are brilliant and protect the stringing material.


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      These were recommended on a thread a while ago. As I'd never come across them before I ordered some from Beadservice.

      I like using them when I'm using heavier beads, they give me a bit more confidence that there is extra strength near the clasp.

      I would definately recommend them though they can be a bit fiddly to thread after a glass of wine or two



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        I use both wire guardians and gimp (french bullion/wire). Obviously not at the same time .

        They are both a bit tricky when you first start using them but as with anything, practice makes perfect and now I can use either of them easily - although gimp did take a bit longer to master.

        I'd definitely recommend them as they give you a much more professional finish.

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          Wire Guardians are great, I always use them for finishing off the ends.
          They add strength and visually give a professional finish.

          You can get them in plated colours and sterling silver.

          Although I must say, having the time to make jewellery is a luxury for me these days having embarked on the web-site


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            Well, that sounds like a resounding YES... Thanks very much everyone for giving me your advice, I will definately include them in my bracelet kits.

            And Debbie, I know what you mean - a website seemed such a good idea at the time

            Thanks again

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            I'm new to blogging so please be gentle -