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  • eek 1st craft stall

    Hi All

    I am a little excited but also nervous.

    I called round all my local schools regarding their christmas fetes and a lady called back tonight and offered me a stall at their ladies night in october. All tickets are paid for and they have a raffle, various stalls and entertainment and nibbles.

    I wondered if you pros could give me some advice on setting up my stall etc?

    I have made a list of things i need etc but thought i would ask advice.

    thanks keekie

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    Hi. congratulations wish it was that easy for everyone. I think it might be easier if you list what you have thought of then we can add to it.
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      Thanks - good idea

      material to cover table
      contact cards
      organza bags
      money of course for change - hopefully
      stands to show jewellery
      book to log what has been sold etc

      not sure what else other than tissue paper to wrap jewellery in


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        Best bit of advice I was given was to have a practice run at setting your stall out a few days beforehand. It really helped me to 'tweak' it and improve the layout!
        Cathy xx
        I don't have a short attention span, I ... Ooh look, there's a chicken!


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          This has been mentioned before but set your stall up at home, a trial run if you like, that way you can see what works. You can always tweek on the day and there is nothing wrong in making subtle changes as the event progresses, after all you may sell something and have to replace with a totally different item.

          One thing I do have is a permanent laminated list of everything I will need, even down to pins (you will be amazed at what you need and can forget). I also have a trolley case that now has all junk (whoops helpful objects) in, that way I can pack up my stock collect the trolley and go, right down to the float. If you get this ready in advance you will not panic on the day. Just set up your display and enjoy.

          Good Luck


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            you need something to give height to your stall, you could use empty boxes under your cloth with a piece of wood across to make a shelf.
            Have you priced everything up? that way peeps dont need to ask.
            erm, what else can I think of?
            Oh yes take a mirror for those who like to try things on.

            oh and by the way

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              Thanks so much for all your advice.

              I had thought of the box idea but wasnt sure if it would work.... but you have mentioned so going to give it a go. and a dummy run is a brilliant idea as i would have prob been judegmental and not happy so a trial beforehand can eliminate this.

              purple moon your jewellery is lovely

              i will let you all know how i get on and how the setting up goes.

              phew back to creating now then lol



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                i apologize i mean lilac moon silly me lol



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                  Good Luck!!!

                  And let us know how you get day when I pluck up the courage
                  Ill be comming here for advice!



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                    Setting up stand

                    One thing that everyone here seems to forget about and that's lighting. By lighting your stand the eye is drawn into the table and especially with selling jewellery, it makes the items sparkle. This is essential regardless where the event is held. You only need a couple of cheap spotlights but they make so much difference


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                      One idea that might appeal to teenagers is DIY charm bracelets. You just need some plain SP charm bracelets and lots of dangles - beads on a head pin charms etc - on a lobster claw clasp. Then they buy the bracelet and whatever charms they want. You could sell a bracelet and 3 charms of their choice for say £3 to £5 and then extra charms for 50p or £1 each.
                      You could also have necklace chains or thong to add charms to.



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                        I have one of those little multicoloured light things which I stand a paper weight on. and it draws people to the stand asking how much it is, when I tell them it's not for sale they look around and buy something else. hehe.

                        you need something to bring them to your stall.

                        not a very good picture. sorry, but it looks stunning in dim light

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                          Hiya, you might also need extension leads (I always seem to be miles away from the nearest power point) but check if you need a PAT test for these as some venues want it for all electrical apps. Take business cards and a calculator - I always lose the ability to work out the simplest of sums when faced with a customer. Good luck!
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                            he he, i can see you having a suitcase full of stuff!!!! aaaahhhhh



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                              If you are wanting electricity for lighting, or any other purpose, do check with the organiser that it is available. In modern purpose built halls it probably will be, but not everywhere. When I did the craft fair here recently I asked anyone who needed electricity to let me know - and placed people accordingly - as we only have two areas of the hall near to sockets - but still people who had not asked for power turned up asking where it was. Two way process!!