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    Hi All,

    I added 2 albums to my profile with my handmade fine silver and costume jewellery.

    It would be really helpful if I could get some feedback - negative feedback welcome too.

    I'm hoping to start selling in the near future, I just need to make a bigger collection of pieces first.

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    I think they are beautiful and easily sellable pieces!!

    Good Luck x x x x
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      Had a quick look at your profile and I think your things are fantastic.

      What else can I say - great work.



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        Some really lovely pieces. As already said,they should sell really well.
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          Fab work Hun I'm sure you'll do really well!!!
          Ger xx

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            body {margin:8px} .tr-field {font:normal x-small arial}Aww shucks! Thanks everyone for your kind words.

            I do hope I manage to sell ok when the time comes - I'm actually looking into opening a shop on Etsy at the moment so that it's there when I have more pieces. I'm really getting into making jewellery now, it's so much fun!

            Again thanks everyone, it's so good to hear words of encouragement,
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              Not sure about Etsy as it is an american site so you'd tend to sell to people you know anyway, unless already established?

              Your pieces already have a style to them, very autumnal, and fashionable too.
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                Hi Renata,

                I've never bought from Etsy before but I had heard it could be a good place to sell on? I was thinking of setting up a website too and selling through that, but then I'd have to get people to find it.

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                  Loving the PMC

                  Hi..The peices in your album are beautiful!
                  I especially like the PMC jewellery.
                  I've looked into PMC and had a little dabble..Possibly not quite as easy as it looks..But I could get some more practice.
                  are you self taught or have you attended any sort of PMC course?


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                    Hi, I love your jewellery, I am sure you will be able to sell it easily.

                    I just started an etsy shop, while i have not had any sales yet, i have my fingers crossed - there do seem to be a lot of sellers from the UK, not just the States. i also have my own online shop.

                    Good luck!


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                      Very lovely jewellery!!! Love the PMC jewellery, beautiful work!!!



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                        Hi Everyone,

                        Again thank you for all your feedback!

                        Miss Contrary, I have to agree it's not as easy as it looks - the clay can be so sticky at times (I've been using PMC3 so that I can torch fire it). I haven't had any lessons in how to use it, but I did spend about 2 months researching, and got three books (The Art Of Metal Clay, Art Clay Silver & Gold and Precious Metal Clay Techniques - all very good books I have to say) and then took the plunge and bought a PMC3 kit from Cooksons.

                        I'm really enjoying it but it's takes about 2 days to make one piece - maybe that's normal I dunno, but it seems a lot to me. I think I''ve gone kind of PMC mad, I think about what I could be making all the time.

                        Annica, I'm sure you'll sell your items on Etsy soon! I've heard of Dawanda too - I think that's a European site - have you looked into selling on there as well?

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                          Love your jewellery
                          I did alot of research on Etsy and if you look the sales levels are really low, but it is cheap so worth a shot
                          Ren x
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                            I was thinking that the amount of people making actual sales was low too UrbanAngelJewellery. But like you say it's cheap, so it's probably worth doing.

                            I've been contemplating whether to sell the jewellery under my name or whether I should create a different "brand" and come up with a name for it.

                            As an illustrator I work under my name but I don't want to confuse people.

                            Oh, decisions, decisions! I STILL need to make more pieces though. ha!
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