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  • Child's charm bracelet


    Can I ask what might seem a really stupid question to all you knowledgable people.

    I've been asked to make some bracelets for girls who are 10 and 11 yrs old. I've spoken to a friend of mine who has an 11 year old daughter and she agreed that charm bracelets were a good idea.

    I was hoping to pop to town and have a look to see what clare's are selling that are similar, but as my little ones have been taking it in turns to be poorly all week I've not made it. So I've ordered some girly charms and beads off ebay and they have arrived today. Having never made a charm bracelet before my question is do I add the charms and beads (on head pins) to both sides of the bracelet or just attach them to the one side so they hang down when it is worn?

    And does anybody with daughters, grandaughters, nieces or friends of that age agree that charm bracelets are a good idea or has anybody got any better suggestions? I did wonder about elastic bracelets with pink beads and flower spacers?

    All suggestions greatfully received!


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    Hi, can't help you with making charm bracelets, but my 6yr old got a freebee one from a kids mag and adores it! I think it's a fab idea, especially if you could maybe let the kids customize their bracelets somehow. If you were selling a bog standard bracelet, and charged extra per charm they chose, you could have a charm riot on your stall!!

    Good luck!


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      My 6yr old also adores charm bracelets,infact she probably has more than me!!
      Whether you add them on both sides or not depends on whether your going to go for a 'full effect' in which case both sides sounds fine,however,if you are going for a minimalistic look then I would stick to putting them on one side.
      Hope that helps and good luck with it all!!
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        I usually attach charms with small jump rings. but to highlight them I have attached the charm to an eye pin with a jump ring then threaded a crystal onto the pin and attached that to the chain


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          Thanks for the replies

          Think maybe I'll just attach them on one side. The lady wants them for her daughter to give as christmas gifts to her friends. She only wants to spend around £3or £4 so just attaching them to the one side will keep the cost down. I like the idea of the crystal on the eye pin before I put the charm on aswell. My eye pins seem to be made out of fairly soft metal though so I'm a bit concerned they might fall off. Hmm have to expirement with that I think.

          Good idea purplemac but as I say they are to sell to give as gifts so couldn't really add any extra's unless they want to buy some after christmas. The charms I have are t-shirts, mules, flowers, handbags, hearts, stars and butterfly's - do think they will be ok?

          Can't wait for my baby girl to grow up and advise me on this hehe!


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            Oh one more question, I've made the chain itself (without the toggle clasp) about 6" does that sound ok too?


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              I dont have girls. got 2 boys for my sins, hehe,,, but going by next doors youngest (she's 10) I think 6" with a fastener aswell will be too big. Could you ask your friends daughter to try a bracelet without charms for size?
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                I also think 6" would be too big. I made a swav crystal bracelet today for my sister and her wrist is only 6". (She's in her 40's but is only a size 8). Come to think of it - the bracelets I make for myself are only 6 3/4" but I do have a small wrist compared to the rest of my body.

                I'd guess that 5" might be a better fit but if it were me, I'd ask the lady to measure her daughter's wrist and use that measurement as a guide line.

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                  You could always use a lobster clasp as a fastener with a few more links on the bracelet (as an extender chain). I reckon 5" and then about 1" extender would do the trick. This is what I do for my grand daughter to enable her to use them for a while. Libby


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                    Hi, I don't have children or grandchildren but kids seem to come in all sizes and it would be such a shame if there was a larger child so I would definately make it adjustable with extra links and maybe a dangle at the end. I make just about all my charm bracelets with charms hanging from just one side as I found that if I put them on both sides they were more likely to get caught behind the bracelet.

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                      Thanks again for the hints.

                      What I decided to do was make up a charm bracelet in my size (I also have small wrists) then I can show her what I can do in a smaller size. I just put the charms on one side and have been wearing it today just to make sure nothing falls off. My 1 yr old daughter has had a good tug at them and they are all still on so thats a fairly good test.

                      I've also made an elastic bracelet with pink beads, sparkleys and metal flowers so she can have a choice, obviously that will be a lot cheaper. I made that just over 5" and it looks tiny!

                      LaVidalerie that charm bracelet is gorgeous, and having the extra links is a clever idea. I had bought some small toggle clasps to make them so think I'll have to look out for some pretty lobster type clasps instead.

                      Libby does your grand daughter manage to do the lobster clasps herself?

                      Lilac Moon I also have 2 boys and a girl, if she had been the eldest she would have been an only child. At 15 months she is still up 3 times a night and up for the day between 5 and 6am Think maybe I should have stopped at the 2 boys hehe