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First fimo necklaces....

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  • First fimo necklaces....

    Well the first that i like!!
    Im selling the love heart ones in a local tattoo shop and the other is for me!!
    I have also just got my logo back from a friend who was drawing it up for me, so i thought id celebrate by making a necklace with my new business's initilas on it!!
    I havnt registered as a business yet or anything, but hopefully next week im off to the Oxford Business Enterprise for a chat!!
    OH and the fashion show in the local shopping center went well, so i will be posting pics of that soon!!!

    PS: Ive had to post pictures in my albums so go have a look and tell me what you think

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    I think they look great - I love the heart necklaces, but then I'm a massive fan of anything rockabilly / retro/ tattoo style

    Is eat your heart out the name of your business then, i think that's pretty cool

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      They are fab, i would love to have a dabble in fimo - wouldn't really know where to start tho!!
      I LOVE the heart ones, they are brill! x


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        Ive been using fimo for yearrrrs but only recently started to enjoy it, although i have to be careful cause its a rubber based and i have a rubber allergy, so sometimes my hands get a bit sore!!
        Yeh i LOVE anything tattoo inspired!
        And yes, Eat Your Heart Out is going to be my business name, its a bit long and im a bit worried that people might just associate it with food!! But it is a phrase used to 'flatter' someones appearence and clothes ect so hopefully people will get it!!
        Also i found its a good way of naming collections, as you can just add soemones name at the end and pretend that they were the inspiration!! Eat Your heart Out... Kate moss for example!! (although im not a fan of her!!)
        So yes, i have lots of planning to do if im going to get this business of the ground!!
        Any tips welcome!!