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How to knot elastic bracelets?

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  • How to knot elastic bracelets?

    Hi ladies!

    I am going to have a go at making some elastic stretch bracelets, but would like your ideas on a few things....

    1. What method do you use to tie the knot to ensure it is absolutely secure? Do you use glue too? What kind? Do you hide the knot?

    2. What kind / make / size or thickness of elastic?

    3. I plan on using glass beads - will this be ok - will it cut through the elastic?

    Many thanks for any ideas on this topic!

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    I thread one end through a crimp bead and the other end the opposite way through the crimp bead to hold it, i think most people put a bit of glue on, because elastic has this annoying habit of untying itself
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      DEfinitely use glue because the elastic slips really easily. Best to try and knot then feed through another bead or two and knot again and try to slip knots inside bead.


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        I have made quite a few stretch bracelets and find that if you are using clear elastic either buy a strong one or double it up. When you have threaded all of your beads on,tie a square knot(the type of not that is like the first step in tying shoelaces) about 3 or 4 times,secure with a little glue and slide the beads around so the knot is hidden inside a bead.

        Hope this helps and makes sense!!
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          There's this "thread" here that might help (pun intended!)
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            And I always use Stretch Magic with glass beads and haven't had one break yet
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              I have found elastic quite variable in durability, I like to use the type that is made of lots of fibres and needs a needle. I would normally use this double.
              I do use stretch magic at times too and found it is sensitive to temperature and knots more easily when cool. After a while elastic becomes brittle so is likely to break or sag no matter what you do so is really only suitable for inexpensive items. I am always being asked to repair elastic bracelets especially those made with metal beads. There is sometimes a problem if holes have been glued up. I don't use glue and haven't noticed knots coming undone so long as they are pulled tight enough.
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