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Two Different Necklace Problems! HELP

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  • Two Different Necklace Problems! HELP

    Im currently experimenting with necklaces to see if i can find a preferred style. THe two problems are below so please help if you can!!

    1 I want to string and knot beads on silk cord but i want to have 2 pendant dangles (non technical term im quite sure!!). I have taken 2 cords and put them through one bead leaving enough for the dangle on each side and enough to go around the nect. Problem is, the pendants have hole fron left to right so when i try to tie them to the cord they dont look neat and loads of the thread shows at the sides before meeting the next bead. I am doing this right or is there a better way??

    2 As above except this time on beadalon - i need to know how to attach the same pendants. Do i just uses a crimp over a bail? Im not keen on using much metal because of the obvious costs involved so a cheap solution please.

    Thanks for your time folks!

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    You could use a jump ring, it wouldn't hold it still though
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      You can pass a double thread through a small bead or crimp, then both ends through the pendant hole, the small bead will block the hole and keep the thread in place, and you will have two threads emerging at the other end and be able to knot it tightly without showing too much thread. Of course you should use thinner thread, but usually holes in pendants are large enough so as to allow decent strenght.